Chocolate-Dipped Waffle Cone Coffee Cups (Inspired by Alfred Coffee)

Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cone Coffee CupsAs I was scrolling through Instagram one day, I discovered that this amazing coffee shop in L.A., Alfred Coffee (located in Melrose) makes chocolate-dipped waffle cone cups for their coffee!

Well…discovered doesn’t really say much about how I really reacted when I first saw the photo. At first, I was in complete shock and my jaw dropped. Then, I yelled something along the lines of ‘HOLY SH!T’ out loud. And finally, I proceeded to stalking many photos of these bad boys on Instagram. There was so much excitement, it’s kind of a blur to me now.

Unless you don’t like chocolate (I know a few of you weirdos out there exist. Sorry for calling you a weirdo, I respect your tastes), you just might be crazy to say no to one of these chocolate waffle cone cups. Not only the brilliant minds at Alfred Coffee create a way to eat the cup your coffee comes in (because self-contained food and drinks are amazing), they found a way to use chocolate AND waffle cones with coffee. Basically they made consuming chocolate, coffee, and waffles at ones not only possible, but mouthwatering. Coffee, chocolate, and waffles/waffle cones are three things I absolutely love.

While I love visiting L.A. and have visited twice already this year, I can’t really fly down just to try out these waffle cups (I wish). So I had to do the next best thing and try making these for myself at home.

Surprisingly, you only need three ingredients to get a smooth chocolate-dipped cone.

Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cone Coffee Cups

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PopSugar Must Have, October 2014

PopSugar Must Have October 2014**Note: this post is going to be a LOT longer than the usual PopSugar reveal post, so feel free to scroll down to see the product descriptions :) **

As soon as the first of the month rolls around, I start getting antsy in anticipation of my PopSugar Must Have box. It’s one of my favorite boxes and I always love seeing the box on my doorstep after a long day of work.

This time around, PopSugar had a lot of difficulty with shipping out orders on time. And it left a LOT of customers upset. PopSugar updated their website in September and as a result, many technical glitches occurred. Shipping addresses were lost, credit card information lost, missed cancellation requests, and more complications left customers angry, confused, and upset. Some people were even charged for their October box twice. Worse, customer service wasn’t able to keep up with all the requests, leaving subscribers even less patient than they already were.

People were canceling their subscriptions left and right, and some even contacted their credit card companies to remove their PopSugar charges for the month. It was BAD. Worse, PopSugar has done almost nothing to rectify the situation. We all received emails on Friday from PopSugar founder, Lisa Sugar, talking about the difficulties with the new website and acknowledging the issues, but the only thing she said was that one of our coupons (details below!) would expire on November 15, 2014 instead of at the end of October so that people would have time to redeem the voucher.

Ouch. While I was definitely unimpressed and somewhat upset at the way the situation was handled, I didn’t have any inclination to cancel. PopSugar has delivered everything else on time and I’ve been a subscriber for a year now.

So, instead of receiving my box in the first week of October, here I am writing about it today. I only received my box on Thursday. While I’m glad it finally came, I must say that it was too difficult to not see spoilers online when I was researching about the status of this month’s box. Basically I saw everything that was in the box 2-3 weeks ago.

I know many people are happy with their boxes this month, but I think it left more to desire. Call me greedy, say I have bad taste, tell me that this is the best box out there right now, whatever you want. But how I feel is how I feel.

Here’s everything the box contained:

Happy Socks – Animal Socks – $12 – These leopard-print socks are cute for sure, and Happy Socks are found at high-end department stores like Nordstrom. I didn’t feel like these socks were worth $12 though they did have a type of luxurious feel to them. In addition to that, the washing instructions say the socks have to be washed inside out (what?). These cute socks will be fun to wear with boots this winter but I didn’t feel like this was worthy of a PopSugar box.

butter LONDON – WINK Eye Pencil in Earl Gray – $18 – I’m no stranger to butter LONDON nail polishes but I know nothing about the rest of their products. I know that beauty bloggers talk about butter LONDON all the time, but I never had an inclination to try out their eyeliners or lippys since they were so pricy and I only really knew them for their nail polishes. I did a little test on my wrist and the liner glides beautifully with ease across the skin. It also blends pretty well. It’s one of those liners where the glitter spreads easily but the actual liner stays put pretty well, so if that’s your type of liner then hey, this is it! This glittery dark gray eyeliner is a great product for a night out!

Isaac Jacobs International – Acrylic Frame – $36 – This acrylic frame is borderless and stands up on its own. It’s easy to place a photo or note in between the acrylic slabs, which are held together by magnets. It’s definitely chic, and you can also probably place two photos back to back and display both in the “reversible” frame at once.

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Mine Design – Chalkboard Candle – $24 – This candle smells DIVINE. I didn’t really care for the fact that it’s in a container painted with chalkboard paint and comes with a piece of chalk, I just cared about the smell! I’m not sure I’d spend $24 on this candle per se but I’m glad it was included in the box.

PopSugar Must Have October 2014

Dean & Deluca – Pumpkin Spice Malt Balls – $5.75 – Unfortunately, these malt balls were slightly melted and cracked when I opened my box (as pictured above) but I immediately put these malt balls in the fridge to let them firm up. At first bite, you taste a subtle pumpkin spice flavor and then after a few seconds you taste the chocolate. This is possibly my favorite item in the box! I’m considering ordering more of them from Dean & Deluca online.

Nailed Kit – Halloween Decals – $8 – I really wanted to like these nail decals. These decals are perfect for halloween, coming with jack-o-lantern, chevron, spiderweb, and dotted patterns. I opened my box and only saw one sheet though, meaning that there is only 5 of each design. Maybe I’m misunderstanding how to use the product and you can use the nail stickers on two nails or something, but from what it looks like, you only have enough of one design to apply to one hand. That’s a little ridiculous if that is the case. Does that mean I wear spiderwebs on one hand and jack-o-lanterns on another?

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K. Hall Designs – Shoreline Shea Butter/Olive Oil Bar Soap – $10 (but listed as a Special Extra) – This soap looks fancy and like it’s perfect for the cold winter months ahead. It contains shea butter and olive oil to moisturize your skin.

The Blue Jean Bar – Blue Jean Box – $40 off (Special Extra) – The Blue Jean Bar has launched a style subscription service that very similar to Stitch Fix where you fill out a survey with your style preferences and a stylist sends you clothes to choose from.


  • 15% off product total at Dean & Deluca, valid for one-time use through November 15, 2014.
  • 25% off Marchesa Voyage for Shopstyle with code

For all the items listed that have can have a price, the total value of the items comes to $113.75. That’s pretty good for a PopSugar box, but I don’t particularly feel like I got a great value this time around. Aside from the disappointing Nailed Kit, I thought a lot of the items in here were “overpriced” which inflates the value of the box.

Hopefully, PopSugar can redeem themselves with the November box, which I am praying comes on time :) I still have faith in them and while I may not have 100% enjoyed this box, so many other customers who finally received their boxes and were SO HAPPY with what they ordered this month, even with all the technical difficulties the PopSugar team was having. So if PopSugar is able to redeem themselves with this month’s box with so many customers, I know I can count on them to really deliver a great box in the future.

October Birchbox

October Birchbox 2014

My October Birchbox is here! I decided to not opt for this month’s collaboration/partnership box because I had already tried out or received many of the samples in it. Plus, that made sure of this month’s goodies being a surprise!

I got quite a few nice things in my box:

dr. brandt® pores no more® vacuum cleaner™

I’ve received a sample of this before from Sephora a couple of years ago and have only heard great things about this product. This mask helps get rid of anything that is clogging your pores. It’s perfect for fall when your skin needs that seasonal change-TLC.

Essentiel Elements Wake Up Rosemary Shower Gel

This is no ordinary shower gel. It contains honey, rosemary, and mint oils.

ModelCo Power Lash Long Wear Black Mascara

We’ve talked about ModelCo before (here, here, and here). This black mascara lengthens lashes and adds volume with its unique brush.

Mally Beauty High-Shine Liquid Lipstick Pens

By turning the dial on the bottom of the pen, the liquid lipstick is released onto the brush and you just brush it onto your lips. It’s a very shiny pink!

Harvey Prince Petaly Noir – 50 ml

This perfume contains jasmine, orchid, lilly of the valley, and vanilla scents!

That’s about it! Time to go try out that pores no more mask!

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