Spring Appetizer Board with Pearls® Specialties

Spring Appetizer Board with Pearls Specialties Jalapeno Stuffed OlivesWith spring celebrations and holidays coming up quick (Easter is right around the corner!), it’s time to start thinking about deciding what food to either put out for guests or bring to a gathering.

For some of us, this is a total breeze and we love cooking and prepping food for a bunch of people. For others, it’s practically a nightmare to have to step foot into a store, decide what to buy, think of what to make, and how to present it. In fact, it’s a source of anxiety for a lot of us, even those who love to entertain and have people over often.

When you have the right tools and a good plan, you can come up with an amazing spread of food where it looks like you spent so much time putting everything together, but in reality only spent a fraction of the time an energy everyone thinks you did.

It’s all about working smart, not working hard, right?!

Spring Appetizer Board with Pearls Specialties Jalapeno Stuffed Olives

The appetizer board you see pictured is the result of good planning. I put together this board for a small gathering and wanted to make sure it was adorned with fresh, colorful vegetables and fruits as well as classic cheeseboard items like bread, charcuterie, cheese, and olives.

Glamping Happy Hour & Wine-Soaked Gummy Bears with Day Owl Rosé

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This post is written on behalf of Day Owl Rosé. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Content for 21+.

Day Owl Rosé

Day Owl Rosé

During our recent glamping adventure where we stayed in some premium campers in the middle of some gorgeous redwoods, we brought along Day Owl Rosé to sip on either during happy hour, dinner, or even brunch! Being on a weekend getaway where plans were loosely made and constantly changing, we wanted to bring something that would work at any time of day. Something effortless and easy. Plus, we needed to pack light, so we needed to be smart about our choice of drink to bring along.

Day Owl Rosé

Since rosé is so versatile, it was my go-to choice of wine.

Day Owl is a premium rosé with a slightly bolder flavor than your average rosé. I noticed that this rosé has a deeper pink-orange shade to it versus other rosés I have had in the past.

Day Owl Rosé

There’s a distinct dry finish to Day Owl, which gives this rosé a crisp, bold taste that really sets it apart from the average rosé. In my opinion, that crisp dry finish is what makes it so enjoyable to sip on its own. Some rosés can be so light– the flavor just washes away in seconds leaving more to be desired. I never felt that with Day Owl which is flavor-packed with character.

The bold profile of Day Owl is enlivened by so many flavor notes: dark cherry, dried strawberry, plum, lavender, and vanilla. There are even hints of floral red fruit and orange zest.

Day Owl Rosé

Day Owl is made primarily with Barbera grapes, which are a popular red grape known for their beautiful deep color, low levels of tannins, and high levels of acid. All the fruit for Day Owl is sourced from select vineyards in California—from the Central Coast, Paso Robles, and Madera County. Barbera grapes are meant to be enjoyed young, so be sure to seize the moment and enjoy a glass of rosé.

Since we were on vacation to relax among the redwoods, I thought it would be a great time to seize the moment and make some Rosé-Soaked Gummy Bears!

Day Owl Rosé

Day Owl Rosé

They’re crazy easy to make and can be ready in as little as a couple of hours. All you need is a 1 lb. bag of gummy bears (I bought grapefruit gummy bears which is why they are pink), some rosé, and a bowl in which to soak everything.

Day Owl Rosé

Just add the gummy bears to the bowl, and pour some Day Owl over the top until the bears are completely covered. The gummy bears will start to soak up the rosé and grow to about twice their original size. You can leave them in the fridge to soak if you’d like to keep them chilled, or you can leave them out—it’s really your preference. Even when the bears are done are really your preference. For a chewy consistency, soak for less time, and for a softer more gelatin-like consistency, soak for 8-10 hours or overnight.

Day Owl Rosé Day Owl Rosé

I loved having the gummy bears around as a sweet little snack. I would just graze and eat a gummy bear or two, go do something adventurous, and then come back for another couple of gummy bears. Just make sure to keep them away from children!

I loved that the flavor of the Day Owl still came through in the taste of the gummies!

Rosé-soaked gummy bears are PERFECT for a party or a girls’ night, and I’ll plan to be make them again soon!

Day Owl Rosé

Day Owl is a premium rosé and costs $15 per a bottle. It’s well worth the price, especially if you’re a fan of dry wines and enjoy celebrating or having a fun time with your friends.

Be sure to give it a try!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Day Owl Rosé.

Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List

Spring is going to be here sooner than we think! I mean, it’s already March. February passed by in the blink of an eye.

With Daylight Savings Time beginning on Sunday, it means the unofficial start of spring is almost here (at least, I think of it as the unofficial start of spring)!

In order to properly celebrate the season, I thought it would only be right to create a “bucket list” of activities to get done during the season. I know a bucket list might sound dreary, but I’m thinking of it more as a list the things I want to do this spring, if that makes any sense. Some of the items on the list are seasonal, and others can be done at other times of the year but just feel more special during spring.

You can see a picture of the list above, but here is the list in detail!

Have a picnic. Wouldn’t it be nice to pack a nice picnic spread, put it in a basket, and take it to a nice park or scenic area and just enjoy it with friends? I’d pack some wine, cheese, and cured meats and take it to a park. Plus, maybe bring along a book or a portable speaker for music.

Go on a hike. In my opinion, this is one of the best times of year to go hiking. It’s not too hot or too cold, there are fewer people hiking (crowds can be a big deal on hiking trails in the Bay Area), and you get to see wildflowers, waterfalls, and other spring-only things on your hike.

Visit a garden. Or a nursery. Or a field. It could be a municipal rose garden, or even a botanical garden. Spring is the time to go and see all those beautiful blooms.

Plant some flowers. Or vegetables. Or if you have an apartment with no room to really grow something, pick up some new houseplants and make a vow to take care of them. Last year, I grew basil, lavender, peppers, and cilantro. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always found it fun to plant something and watch it thrive.

Arrange a bouquet. Or buy one, but it’s always lovely to have fresh flowers around. Arranging a bouquet can be pretty fun. Head to a flower stand, flower mart, or even the grocery store florist if that’s all that’s close to you to pick your favorites and put them in a pretty vase.

Walk the farmer’s market. Lucky me, it feels like there’s always a farmer’s market to be found. We have farmer’s markets throughout the week in the evenings and on weekend mornings. It’s a nice feeling to walk down the aisles of the market, in between those tents, browsing through and shopping for in-season produce and other food items like fruit jams.

Get a fresh mani/pedi. It’s been said many times before, but it’s like nail polish on your hands can barely last a day, but nail polish on your feet can last forever. If you’re anything like me, you’ve still got November’s nail polish sitting on your toenails (gross, and TMI, and I apologize). Now is time to get a fresh mani/pedi to go with those spring dresses and sandals. I’m booking an appointment with my favorite nail salon soon so don’t worry about me :)

Bike rides. Spring is a great time to pick up a bike and cruise down a path, through a park, or through a downtown area, etc. It’s a great way to get a little exercise and feel like a kid again.

Drive-In Movies. Okay, this might be more of a summer thing, but heading to a drive-in to see a funny movie would be a great way to spend an evening out. If you don’t have a drive-in theater close by, keep a lookout for “movie in the park” events where everyone can sit on the grass and watch a movie. Or, if you’re able to, bring a projector outside and play your favorite movie on a screen or wall.

Spring Cleaning. This is probably the least “fun” thing on the list, but is it just me or is spring cleaning just really satisfying? Purging through all your knick knacks and old clothes and rediscovering things you own that you actually really like but forgot about is a lot of work, but the payoff and peace of mind is big. It may not be at the top of my to-do list but it’s pretty important to get done.

That’s what’s on my list! Is there anything cool on yours? I would love for you to share any of your spring bucket list items with me!