3.1 Philip Lim For Target Collection

Mark your calendars, ladies! September 15th is the big day–the Phillip Lim collection finally arrives at Target! Looking chic just became a lot more affordable.

Now this collection has been highly anticipated, and I personally have a feeling that the Philip Lim collection could do as well as the Missoni collaboration of 2011. Unlike the Neiman Marcus collaboration that totally bombed last holiday season (a lot of items hit clearance at 70% off…), this collection focuses on fashion for men and women only. By not trying to cater to everyone, I think they have a better shot at success. Plus, they’ve got this sophisticated vibe to their clothing which may appeal more to the target demo who buys from the designer collaboration collections.

Here are a few items I’ve got my eye on!


Long-sleeve blouse in floral print, $29.99


Mini Satchel in Black, $34.99


Printed scarf, official name and price unknown.


Printed sweatshirt, official name and price unknown.

Prices range from $20-$200. I must say that most items are under $100. Some prices are expected, some items are cheaper than you’d think and some more expensive.

Here’s a little fun fact that made me crack up!

Fun fact: According to Fashionista.com, a Target store in Duluth, Georgia accidentally already hit the shelves.


Are you planning to hit up the Philip Lim Collection madness on September 15? What items do you have your eye on?

Photos courtesy of the Target Style Facebook page. 

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