3 Unwritten Rules About New Year’s Resolutions

3 Unwritten Rules About New Year's Resolutions

1. You don’t need to have only one resolution

Who says you have to have only one? You can have as many resolutions as you’d like, or you could have no resolution at all! It’s okay to be ambitious about making changes, and it is okay to not make a resolution to change anything too. The choice is yours! And no, your resolutions don’t have to be health-related.

2. You don’t have to start all your resolutions at once.

Has anyone here read The Happiness Project? Well I actually read the author’s second book, Happier at Home, where she set out to achieve a new goal every month. In Happier at Home, there were resolutions related to organization, family time, and more. When the author, Gretchen Rubin, gave herself a month or so to complete a goal, she didn’t fall off the wagon and slip back into old habits. The timeline she set out for herself seemed to work very well for her. I would recommend the series if you’re interested in resolutions. The author’s approach is refreshing.

3. If you lose track of your resolution, you haven’t necessarily broken it. 

So you skipped a day at the gym, or you took in more calories than you wanted to today. You know what? Big whoop. The only thing you may have broken is your streak of discipline, but your resolution isn’t broken yet. Often we see people lose hope at this point, but all is not lost. This is the time to push forward. We easily get caught up and set very high or unrealistic expectations and also expect to grasp our resolutions instantly, which is usually what leads to people quitting early. Did you honestly think you could start running 4 miles a day, every day, starting January 2nd, and never miss a day? Get back on that horse. Try again.

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