4 Easy Nail Art Tutorials

4 Easy Nail Art Tutorials | thesassylife

Happy Sunday, everyone! With many of us having a 3-day weekend, I hope you are all enjoying an extra day to spend with friends and family, relax, and explore! If you have a moment, definitely take a little time to pamper yourself and do some cute and easy nail art on your nails!

Here are a few nail art looks that are easier to do than they look:

DIY Ombre/Gradient Nails

1. DIY Ombre/Gradient Nails – Using a makeup sponge, you can seamlessly blend two nail polishes to create a gradient, or ombre, effect! Use a q-tip to clean the excess polish from the skin surrounding the nail. What I love about this technique is that you can blend together whatever two colors you’d like, and of course, you can always blend more together! a 3 color ombre/gradient would look awesome.

Chevron Nails

2. DIY Chevron Nails – This technique is foolproof. Use scotch tape to make chevron nail stickers! It’s very easy to do, but everyone will think you spent hours on your nails! You can do an accent nail or choose to do all of your nails!

Fan Brush Nails at thesassylife

3. Fan Brush Nails – This design is a little abstract, meaning you could totally mess up and it would still look fantastic! The top coat really seals the design together, blending the lines together and making all the colors cohesive. Pick your favorite colors or find a color scheme you love, and then use a fan brush to dust colors onto your nails.

Confetti Nails/Dotted Nails

4. Confetti Nails – Talk about easy! Use a nail dotting tool (or a homemade dotting tool) and paint overlapping dots all over your nails. These nails look festive, bright, and fun.


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