4 Must-Have Cookbooks

4 Must Have Cookbooks

Over the past year or so I’ve gained a major interested in cookbooks, especially specialty and blogger cookbooks. I often go to the bookstore and sift through tons of these cookbooks. Sometimes I sift through the same ones over and over and other times I discover something else I love. While I haven’t been able to invest in all the cookbooks I could ever want (it’s pricey and it adds up!), I wanted to share with you some of the cookbooks I do have or (have carefully gifted to friends). These are 4 special cookbooks that I think are “must-haves!”

1. Absolutely Avocados

Blogger Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking is an extremely talented recipe developer, and Absolutely Avocados is nothing short of amazing. It features a ton of great recipes using this superfood from appetizers to entrees to desserts. Remember those Avocado Brownies I posted a while ago? They’re from Absolutely Avocados, and they were damn delicious. She features more dessert recipes (it’s hard to believe you can make more than one dessert with avocados)!

2. Melt – The Art of Macaroni and Cheese

A book devoted to macaroni and cheese? And this isn’t even the only mac and cheese cookbook to hit the shelves. As a mac and cheese lover, I am astonished at how many variations of this heavenly comfort food have been published in Melt. Some cookbooks are advanced or really geared towards those who passionately prepare food on a regular basis, but the recipes in Melt are doable. You could totally make one of their recipes for dinner one night and not slave away in the kitchen or break the bank for ingredients from specialty stores.

3. The Model Bakery Cookbook

First of all, Model Bakery is awesome. I had the pleasure of visiting a location while wine tasting in Napa, and their pastries are great. At their bakery they actually also had other lunch items (salads, sandwiches, pizza slices) and dessert items like cookies! While their recipes do require extra love, care, and attention (baking is a science, guys), they are phenomenal. It’s an awesome gift for a friend who is into baking!

4. The Sriracha Cookbook

A friend got me this cookbook for my birthday and this book has me falling in love with Sriracha. Think recipes like Tom Kha Gha Soup, Sriracha burgers, and glazed wings. There are 50 recipes in this book…meaning 50 more ways to use that hot rooster sauce. Did anyone stock up on Sriracha during the factory stoppage? I did!

These are my 4 top picks for now! As time goes on, I’ll share more of my favorite picks with you all!


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