A Spring Saturday & Daylight Savings Time

Spring FlowersIs it just me, or is March just flying by? March, April, and May are always a blur to me because spring just moves so quickly. (I know it’s technically not yet spring by the calendar, but it looks and feels like it is!)

And, Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow. Time to “spring” ahead and set those clocks an hour forward! Not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep, but the idea of it being light out for a lot longer makes it all better. I’d much rather have more daylight than sleep, how about you?

I took some photos of flowers today (I LOVE flowers!) in an effort to capture that spring beauty that really comes by once a year. Plus, with the weather starting to warm up, what better time to appreciate what Mother Nature as given us?

Spring Flowers

Pink Hydrangeas

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