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Watermelon Recipes

We’re taking a huge step here. After working on this for a little while, I am so excited to share with you my first ebook!

This Watermelon Recipes eBook features 4 exclusive recipes that have never been featured before on the site. Watermelon is more than just a fruit to be had on its own. It can be used in salads, desserts, and drinks.

My absolute favorite recipe in here is for watermelon frosting. Instead of using chemical-ridden food dye, this recipe shows you how to get a rosy pink frosting just by using watermelon!

All of this leads me to another announcement: This book is only available to those who subscribe to my brand-spankin’-new email newsletter!

You may have noticed a bar at the top of the blog page if you visit where you enter your first name and email address, but now the newsletter is officially happening. I’m shocked at how many of you have already signed up!

When you subscribe, you will occasionally receive recipes and craft tutorials that are exclusive to email subscribers, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else on the site. You will also get links to featured posts you may have missed, all in one email. 

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Because you guys are awesome and I’m so so so grateful that you read/share my posts, I’m offering this ebook to those who subscribe to the email newsletter at no cost. No typing in credit card numbers, no submitting your paypal information, none of that. 

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