Anthropologie-Inspired Tassel Trace Pillow – How To

anthro-pillow-titleI was surfing pinterest one day and saw a link to this gorgeous pillow, the Tassel Trace Pillow, at Anthropologie.


I don’t usually shop at Anthropologie due to the prices but also due to the fact most of their items (clothing at least) aren’t really my style. But that’s not to say everything in store isn’t my style!

I was in awe at how beautiful this looks. It gives off a playful, yet sophisticated vibe. I couldn’t stop staring at the pillow! It looks so simple yet so complex at the same time since they wove in the fringe. At that moment, I knew I had to try making one for myself because I wasn’t ready to spend $58.00 on a throw pillow (who in their right mind does anyway?). All of a sudden, I could relate to every other woman who has wanted something from Anthropologie so badly!

Anthropologie-Inspired Tassel Trace Pillow – How To

Pillow Supplies


  • 2 yards fabric, color of your choice.
  • 12 feet+ of pom pom fringe
  • Thread matching color of pillow
  • White thread
  • Zipper
  • Sewing machine
  • Ruler or measuring tape.
  • Pins
  • Fabric marking pencil
  • Scissors

Note this makes a 20″x20″ pillow. Also, I am no expert at sewing yet although I hope to become proficient at it one day!

Also, you *could* use a fusible bond for this project although I wouldn’t recommend it due to the fringe. And if you really don’t want to sew, you could also try hot gluing.


1. Cut your fabric into 21″x21″ pieces. Since my fabric was a little sheer for my liking, I doubled up the fabric on the front and back so it was opaque. I cut my fabric into 4, 21″x21″ pieces.

2. Iron out any wrinkles in your fabric now. It’ll be very difficult to get wrinkles out later!

3. Mark on one piece of fabric where you plan to lay out the pom pom fringe. I decided to lay my fringe out every 4 inches. and made marks here. I actually made the marks on the front (or right side up) since they wouldn’t show in the final product even after being erased. They would be covered.

4. Cut your pom pom fringe into 20″ strips. I used a fringe with large pom poms and one with medium pom poms too, just to create a more playful and boho look. Then secure with pins to the fabric. I did this with every strip as I went along, but you can also attach all the strips and go from there. Your choice!

Fringe Detail

5. Start sewing the pom pom fringe in a straight line. I used a zig zag stitch. Make sure you’re using white thread (if your fringe is white) or else your stitches will be noticeable. You can use your zipper foot if you’d like but I preferred using the regular foot on this and it worked just fine.

I did two variations on my rows of pom poms:

  1. I sewed a strip of large pom poms, then medium right underneath, then large again. You can stay consistent and use fringe of all the same size pom poms too. Whatever floats your boat. (1st and 3rd rows)
  2. I sewed the medium pom poms above the two strips of large pom poms. (2nd and 4th rows)

6. Zipper time! Attach the zipper to the part of your pillow that will be facing down (or up if you don’t mind the zipper). Even if you attach the zipper at the “top” the pillow will still look just fine when you flip it over or flip it so the rows are vertical.

Attaching the zipper

7. Pin the sides of your pillow together (with the zipper mostly open). Then, start sewing the sides! I sewed the fabric on each side together first before sewing both sides together. This step is not necessary though–you can just start sewing all the sides unless you have very crooked pieces like me (gotta get that rotary cutter).

If you have extra pom pom material, you can cut as you go but try to keep the extra fringe. That’ll help make the fringe more secure.

Sewed sides

8. Once you’re done, flip the pillow cover inside out and stuff in your favorite pillow insert.

And now you should have a replica of the Anthropologie Tassel Trace Pillow! What do you think?

anthro-pillow-patio anthro-pillow-finished-bedding

As long as the colors match your home decor’s color scheme, you should be able to put this throw pillow anywhere! On a bed, on a patio (only in good weather), on a couch, or on a chair. The options are endless!

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  1. Really cute pillow. Incidentally for “purists” who want to replicate the look exactly, I was at Craft warehouse yrst. and noticed fabric with a “crosshatched” appearance which, on my screen anyway, the original has. This fabric came in several pretty colors. BTW I like CW’s fabrics but not the prices. The store doesn’t price match & rarely has coupons.

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