Apple & Brie Sandwich

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Summer’s just about over, isn’t it? I’m not ready to ring in autumn just yet so I’ll have to ease into the new season with one of my favorite recipes.

It all started with these apples. And actually it all started last fall. At home, we have this HUGE apple tree that gives us these tiny little baby apples that are oh so sweet. I’ve been using these babies to make myself apple and brie sandwiches ever since. Since they’re small, they create the perfect texture I like in a sandwich.


  • 2 slices of French bread (sourdough also works well)
  • Apples (I am using 2 baby apples, so you may use about 1/2 an apple)
  • 2 tablespoons of Brie cheese

You’ll be using a broiler quite a bit in the method I show you. You can also grill these or make them stovetop, but I find the broiler to be the easiest.


Step 1. Toast the bread in the broiler by setting the cut slices of bread on “low” in the broiler for 1 minute on each side (2 minutes total)


Step 2. Spread the brie on the toasted bread. If it doesn’t spread easily, that’s ok because we are going to put it back into the broiler and spread again after.

Step 3. Put bread back in broiler on “high” for 1 minute. Spread brie again.


Step 4. Cut up slices of apple and lay the apple pieces on one slice of bread. Cutting them into little wedges works best but feel free to cut them however you’d like. Put back into the broiler for 2 minutes on high.


Step 5. Put the sandwich together by putting the slice with only brie on top of the slice with the apples. Place in broiler for 1 minute so that the cheese on the top slice melts onto the apples.

That’s it! Pretty easy to do, especially with a broiler. If you’re more comfortable with a grill or with the stove, by all means go that route. You can also add arugula if you’d like but I think this sandwich is tasty all on it’s own because brie is so flavorful. Another fun twist would be to use a different type of bread, such as sourdough.


I hope you enjoy this gif I made of the sandwich coming together!



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