August Julep Maven Box

Got my August Julep Maven Box last week, but since I didn’t get home from my vacation until Sunday night, I didn’t get to open it until this week.

August Julep Maven Box

This month, I ordered the Classic with a Twistbox because I just couldn’t resist how pretty the colors are! Since Maven turned two this month, we got extra special boxes that included forget-me-not seeds. I’m pretty excited to plant them.

In addition to my box this month, I ordered the Champagne Trio! Again, I couldn’t resist the colors!

Classic With a Twist

This month’s box came with DoubleStep, which is supposed to help with wearing uncomfortable shoes, but I was really intrigued by this month’s polishes.

With Sylvia, I’ve never seen a shade a purple fall so beautifully between indigo and royal purple. It’s a rich color that doesn’t come off as showy. I love the color so much I put the Nail polishon as soon as I got my box.

Veronica is also similar to Sylvia in that it’s a rich color that doesn’t come off as showy or too bright.

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