Avocado Brownies

A friend introduced me to one of her favorite blogs, What’s Gaby Cooking, a couple months ago. I really enjoyed visiting Gaby’s blog. Because my friend is a huge fan of Gaby’s I gifted her Gaby’s cookbook Absolutely Avocados for her birthday. After browsing through her cookbook, I found one recipe I knew I’d have to try: Avocado Brownies.

Delicious, rich, moist, and fudgy brownies were the result of Gaby’s recipe.

Some of the ingredients used included an avocado (duh), cocoa powder, flour, vanilla extract, eggs, and chocolate chips.

Making the recipe was the most fun part. I mean, how do you get a green fruit like avocado to blend in with chocolate to make brownies? Each step of the recipe felt like magic. And the batter tasted DELICIOUS every step of the way.

Seriously, this stuff is good. Forget the box mix and go for the healthier version of the beloved brownie.

Look at that side view. Look at that texture. Just look.


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