Becoming a Booklover: 8 Tips For Getting Into Reading

Becoming a Booklover: 8 Tips for Getting Into Reading This past summer, I’ve gotten back into reading. Actually, that’s putting it lightly. I’ve found a way to shove binge-watching Parks and Recreation (my FAVORITE show), romantic comedies, and stand-up specials aside on Netflix only to DIVE into reading.

All my life, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with reading. I LOATHED reading when I was in school and forced to read classic novels I took little to no interest in. I never understood how teachers assigned us so much to read, plus homework on top of that. Let’s just say I often skipped reading and would reference SparkNotes the night before a test. (I think I just admitted that I wasn’t the best student.)

But in reality, I love reading. When I get a chance to pick up a book I truly want to read, I thoroughly enjoy getting lost in the story.I think a lot of people like to read, but they don’t always give it a chance for certain reasons.

Let’s be real, dude. You’re missing out.

And I don’t want you to, which is why I’m sharing my tips for getting into (or getting back into) reading:

Sign up for goodreads. A coworker/friend introduced me to goodreads at the very beginning of the year, and I’ve found it to be a great way to keep track of reading and connect with others who love to read. You can keep track of what you’ve read, what you plan to read, and what you’re currently reading. Goodreads will even give you recommendations based on what you’ve read, but my favorite part about Goodreads is reading my friends’ reviews on books. Not only do you take their reviews more seriously than others’, but you see a different side of your friends!

Find Ways To Get Books. Okay, so this isn’t a problem for some of us. Personally, I have stacks of books everywhere that I always “plan on reading.” But not everyone has the luxury of having books around or spending money on books. Borrow books from friends or the library. Buy books and sell them on Amazon or at a used bookstore. Invest in an e-reader and purchase or borrow e-books. My local library has an online database for checking out e-books, and I LOVE IT. Bestselling books are often on there, and they’re only a few clicks away. There are many ways to get your hands on the books you want to read!

Keep Your Books With You. For the past few months, I’ve either had a physical book or my Kindle with me in my purse. You never know if you’re going to get a chance to read while waiting in line or waiting for before an appointment. I’ve even read books on the Kindle app on my phone while waiting before a doctor’s appointment. It’s made a big difference in how much I read.

Get Recommendations From Friends. Maybe your friends aren’t avid readers, but chances are you have a couple of friends who have a book or two that really resonated with them that they are willing to recommend if you’re interested. Your friend may even have a copy of that book to let you borrow! But the best part about getting recommendations from friends is that you’ll be able to talk to them about why they loved that book so much, in my opinion of course.

Tell Your Friends About What You’re Reading. When I started telling my friends about the books I’ve been reading, I was surprised at how much of our conversations began to revolve around reading. Storylines, authors, and bestsellers lists are now common topics of conversation.

Make Reading Consistent. A lot people think they need large chunks of time to read, but how often do we come across a solid hour or two we can devote simply to reading? We all have pockets of free time here and there. Picking up your book for 10-15 minutes is a good use of that time instead of scrolling through your Instagram feed for the third time in 5 minutes . You’ll be surprised how much reading you get done. Plus, if it’s a book that keeps you on your toes, you’re going to want to steal time away to get further into the book.

Find A Spot To Read. Some of use need to get comfortable before diving into a book. That’s totally fine! Wrapped up in a blanket on your couch with a cup of tea is just as good as sitting outside on a park bench. Just try to not get too picky about your surroundings––there’s only so much you can control and you don’t want to that to prevent you from reading your stories.

Find What Keeps You Going. Are you a big fan of a particular genre or a certain author? Keep reading those books, at least until you get comfortable with reading and it becomes a habit. Personally, I’m addicted to the feeling of finishing a good book. I always feel accomplished and immediately reach for another book soon after finishing one.

I’ve already read nine books this summer (yes, nine), and in the past, I used to consider finishing one book a month a difficult feat. I’m hoping the tips that I’ve shared with you will help you start crossing off books on your “to-read” list!

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