Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics, April Box

Cult Cosmetics April Blackbox

I’m seeing a trend here! It looks like Cult Cosmetics is starting to include more of a variety of makeup and beauty tools to complement their nail polish.

For April, we received a bunch of makeup brushes with a matching case and a waterproof eye crayon in black. I’m seeing a lot of mixed reviews regarding these brushes but I predict that some of the brushes will work well and others will be mediocre. I haven’t tried any of them yet because the last time I used a “cheap” synthetic brush, I got a rash. However, I’m glad that these brushes came in a case! It’s nice because I usually store all my brushes together in a bag or in a jar, and this keeps them separate and stops products residue from one brush from dirtying the others.

As for the eye crayon, I’m happy it came in black. I’m just not sure if I’d use such a thick eye crayon.

The nail polishes were pretty. This time we got a creme pink shade called Belmont Shore which I adore and we got a pretty, flaky top coat called Hollywood Forever to go along with it. I could see the two pairing well together!

I wish we got more nail polish in the box though! I signed up for Blackbox because they had nail products. I don’t really care for bright makeup or mediocre quality makeup brushes to be brutally honest.

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