Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics – February Box

Cult Cosmetics Blackbox February

I didn’t realize until this weekend when I was doing my nails that I never posted about my February box. Whoops! I was too caught up in my other posts that I completely forgot about this one! And it probably didn’t help that I only did my nails once earlier this month.

Anyway, this month’s box came with three nail art brushes: a flat brush, a fan brush, and a thin brush that probably functions as a striper. But more exciting than the tools are of course the colors.

This month’s colors are all about gearing up for summer festivals! In fact, the holographic polish is named Coachella!


Breakwater: purple/indigo creme. This polish is named after Breakwater Beach in SoCal

Coachella: holographic topcoat. This polish is actually a topcoat and is inspired by Coachella Music Festival, which takes place every April. Anyone heading to the festival this year?

Laguna: reddish coral creme. This polish is named after Laguna Beach! It’s a modern twist on classic red, perfect for summer.

Overall, I thought this box was a great value! I’m especially excited to wear Breakwater. That shade of polish is one of my favorites.

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