Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics – January Box

Cult Cosmetics Blackbox January Box

Got my Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics January Box a little earlier this week, and I have gotta say, the colors are fabulous! They are well-suited for Valentine’s Day which is going to sneak up on us in a little over a month. They’ve labeled this box the America’s Sweetheart box, featuring 3 all new colors from their 2014 collection. Subscribers are the first ones to get their hands on these colors!

Here’s some information on the colors:

Abbot Kinney – This shimmery tan falls between a faded gold and faded rose gold hue in my opinion. It’s a metallic color, which will give you similar shine and long-wear bonus that glitter polishes do without the hassle of the removal process.

Loz Feliz – This orchid shade is unlike others I have seen and own. It has a warm reddish-pink hue to it, making it a warmer purple shade.

Hollywood Hills – It’s a light, airy pink that’s romantic. It’s got that french manicure shade to it without the sheerness. Remember, these are one-coat polishes!

They also included a white striper by Color Club! So looks like it’s time for some nail art, girls!

As you may have noticed, I didn’t put up a post about my December box. While I did order the December box (the colors are gorgeous!), I was unfortunately sent a repeat of the November box. While Cult Cosmetics said they would replace the box at no charge one month ago, I have still yet to receive it. I am hoping their customer service reps get back to me soon (I just contacted them again this week) because I’d really love to get my hands on those colors! Otherwise, I may consider canceling my subscription because I don’t want the hassle of another mistake again! If you’re considering a Blackbox subscription, you may want to keep this in mind!

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