Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics, May Box

Cult Cosmetics, May Blackbox

Got my Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics box! This month’s box was all about purple, with the box titled “Purple, please!” It came with two polishes, two hair ties/hair elastics, and mascara.

The two polishes I received were purple and white:

Dogtown – a metallic, dark, majestic purple. It’s essentially a beautiful royal purple shade that looks fancy.

El Porto – a stark white creme polish that’s great for nail art.

The mascara is by BH Cosmetics and contains jojoba and aloe. It’s both volumizing and and lengthening. The shade it came in is called “true black.”

The hair ties/elastics are by Knotty. They’re very similar to twistbands, which I did a tutorial on making way back when. The patterns are cute and the elastics will be fun to wear!

My favorite part of the box was Dogtown. I really love the color! Overall though, I thought this box was a overpriced/disappointing for $25. I originally signed up for Blackbox just to get nail polish and nail art tools, but now that it’s going in a more general direction, I’m no longer impressed.

My first box contained 4 polishes (three polishes, one base coat). This box contains two polishes, one of which is more of a “nail art” color, and a cheap mascara. The elastics are supposed to be an added bonus, but I can already guess they are very inexpensive to make since I have made them myself before.

Not impressed. I’m pretty close to ending my subscription with them. I’d rather buy polishes as needed from them than pay for a subscription that isn’t worth the money.

Do any of you subscribe to Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics? What are your thoughts on this month’s box?

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