Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics – November Box

November Cult Cosmetics BoxIn case you didn’t see my review of the starter Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics box, I was a little iffy about the polishes. The consistency was too thick for my liking and frankly I didn’t enjoy painting my nails when I used the polish.

Well after receiving this month’s box and trying out faded coral nail polish (Rose Bowl), I can definitely say the nude polish I received was some type of dud. Cult Cosmetics’s polish is great! The polish went on much easier and smoother than with the first polish I tried and also dried quickly. I could have gotten away with using only one coat of polish but I decided to stick with two. I sealed it with the Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat (as usual) and my nails were done so quickly! What I loved most about this polish is that it didn’t thin out during the week and pretty much withstood the elements! I was able to go just about a whole week without my nails chipping, which is the longest I’ve ever gone without my nails chipping.

With this month’s box, we received three polishes and a nail art polish:

  • Runyon (sage green)
  • Mulholland (warm, deep chocolate brown)
  • Rose Bowl
  • Color Club black striper

I can’t say the colors are too exciting but I really did like the way Rose Bowl looked on my nails. Not sure if I’ll be doing the nail art design that came on the card in the box, but I do foresee myself using the striper down the line! I don’t currently have a black striper polish so it’s nice to know that if I need one I actually have one on hand now. Plus, Color Club is a great brand of polish so I’m happy that it’s by them because their quality has always been consistent in all the products I have purchased/used from them.

So overall, this box may have changed the way I think about Blackbox but I do hope in the future they put in some more fun colors and less earth tones.

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