BookmarcI recently posted about my Roadtrip to Los Angeles, where I mentioned my visit to Melrose Avenue. One of the main reasons for my trip to Melrose was to visit Bookmarc, a store by Marc Jacobs (who is one my favorite designers) that sells coffee table books and small, cute accessories. Some of these accessories are only sold exclusively in the stores . With only two locations in LA’s Melrose place and NYC’s Bleecker Street, I just had to visit the store while I was in LA.

Here’s what I picked up at the store:

  • Heart Paperweight One side says yes, and the other says no. Cool.
  • Snake Letter Opener Pretty obvious function of opening letters, but you can also scare people with it too.
  • Monocle Necklace I had never seen a necklace like this before. I can actually magnify stuff with this necklace.
  • Bookmarc Ruler YES, now I have another ruler. This one seems pretty sturdy though, which is a plus. And the measurements are engraved.
  • Keychain Sharpie I never have a pen in my purse when I go out, so why not have a keychain pen? Seems like a smart idea.
  • A ton of free bookmarks

Fun stuff, right? You can purchase some of these items online but most of them are available only in store.

I’ve actually also been to the Bookmarc in NYC a couple years ago. Both locations are actually pretty different from each other. The Melrose location is quite large and feels more like a boutique, while Bookmarc actually feels more like a bookstore but has a ton more accessories. That’s because the Bookmarc in NYC is actually in an old bookstore, so it still has that feel. Funny enough though, it’s the NYC store that gets really crowded although it’s smaller than the LA store.

Who is your favorite designer?

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