Brit + Co Planners at Target

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Brit+ Co Planners at Target

Last week, I made a #TargetRun for the first time in a long loooong time. I was way overdue for a blissful stroll down the red and white aisles of Target. Since it’s back-to-school time, I stopped by the office/school supplies section and was not at all disappointed by my finds. 

I rounded the corner of one of the aisles and I was immediately overjoyed by what I saw–Brit + Co planners. 

Now, there are two types of Brit + Co planners–the traditional kind, and the refillable kind. I saw both there but I was definitely drawn to the refillable binder planners as they were smaller and customizable with stickers, whiteboards, mini folders, and other refillable pages like coloring pages. 

I wasn’t really in need of a planner per se since I’m a bullet journaler, but I thought it would be nice to have all my blog stuff written down in a physical planner. So, in the spirit of Target and America where we buy things we don’t totally need, I purchased a bright and cheery refillable planner with a bunch of pages. 

I purchased monthlyweekly, and daily pages and already put them all into my planner. My binder is so full that I can barely flip the pages, but I’m okay with that. Typically, I like to remove the pages to write in them and then put them back when I’m done. It’s a bit tough to write when there are 6 rings in the middle of the binder. 

Take a look at the pages of my planner below: 
Brit+ Co Planners at Target

Above is the first page, which is a divider tab that comes in a set of 12. 

Brit+ Co Planners at Target

These are my daily to-do sheets, which includes a full schedule as well. 

Brit+ Co Planners at Target

Above are the monthly sheets. Here I have started with September and have listed dates some holidays and important dates. 

Brit+ Co Planners at Target

All throughout the planner pages are pretty quotes like the one above. If you love quotes throughout your planner pages, you’ll definitely love these. 

Brit+ Co Planners at Target

And finally, here are the weekly sheets that have a daily schedule. 

Personally, I love having the monthly, weekly, and daily sheets at my fingertips because I love seeing my schedule, to-do lists, and reminders in multiple views. But that’s not how everyone is–which is why it’s cool that you can pick and choose whatever you want for your own planner. 

Here’s the cost of my planner:

Binder – $5.99

Dividers – $3.99

Monthly sheets – $2.99

Weekly sheets – $2.99

Daily sheets – $2.99

Grand total: $18.95

The total is more expensive than the cost of the traditional Brit + Co planner, but I’m okay with that because it’s more personalized. Plus, you can add a lot of cool stuff to your planner if that’s your thing. It doesn’t really matter if you’re in middle/high school and looking for an academic planner, a business woman who likes to keep things fun and upbeat, or a mom who wants a place to write down everything that’s going on in her life–there’s a way to make one of the refillable planners work for you. 

Also, each item comes with either a code for a free class at Brit + Co (up to $49 in value), or a 25% off discount. That means my purchase came with $49 worth of free classes, plus 4 25% off codes. 

Depending on how you look at it, your planner is basically paying toward your free classes/codes. If you have never taken an online class at Brit + Co, I highly recommend them as they are pretty fun and simple to follow. 

You can buy these Brit + Co planners at Target stores or online. Online might be more convenient for you if your Target is often crowded or popular. 

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