Carry-on Essentials

Carry-on Essentials

Travel essentials are important. Like, really important. Because you have to pare down your essentials to one or two large rectangular boxes we call suitcases, and maybe a handbag or backpack or something, whichever one you fancy. Unless you’re an avid traveler and practically live out of a suitcase, you will not be taking all of your belongings with you to your travel destination! Not only do you have too many things you’d be bringing along to fit into your allotted baggage, there’s a weight limit to watch out for.

Anyway. After doing a ton of traveling (and I mean a sh*tton of traveling), I’ve come up with a golden list of carry-on essentials you will want to have with you on a long journey.

It’s really important that when you’re on a long-haul flight or a long car drive that you bring with you a few items that will entertain you or help you rest up for your adventures. Here are my carry-on essentials that I highly recommend you take with you on your next trip!

1 // Eyemask. If you like sleeping on flights and are sensitive to light, you will NEED an eyemask to block out all that extra light! On some flights, travelers are asked not to lower the window shades, so having an eyemask will help you block out light even when a window shade can’t.

I am loving this Wildfox Eye Mask! Aren’t the hearts and the lace details too cute? 

2 // Notebook or Travel Diary. I prefer bringing a notebook so that I can write down notes in between my travel thoughts and not feel as though I have “ruined” my diary. On one level, you may or may not always have access to your electronics to take notes. On another level, it’s nice to take a moment to log everything you did on your trip! Don’t underestimate the value of a notebook during your travels.

This set is available at Urban Outfitters and comes in a pack of three: one with lined paper, one with graph paper, and one with plain paper. 

3 // Kindle, e-reader, or a good book. As much as I love in-flight entertainment, don’t rely on it to get you through the flight. On one of the flights I was on, the system was down for a while. The woman next to me, who didn’t have any other form of entertainment with her, was extremely antsy until the system was back up. I, on the other hand, busted out a book I’m currently reading, Beautiful Ruins.

I love reading books on my Kindle! I am a fan of how crisp the text is and how it doesn’t strain my eyes. Check out the Kindle here!

4 // Earplugs. On 3 out of 4 long-haul flights that I recently took, I was sat close to babies who were screaming and crying and parents working hard to soothe and calm down their babies. While it’s totally understandable what the babies are going through, it can be slightly irritating to listen to screaming and crying while trying to doze off. If you can’t block out noises like that, then I highly suggest bringing earplugs!

Better yet, noise-canceling headphones!

You can get a pack of three earplugs here! I wish I had these on my flight! 

5 // Scarf. You will be thankful for a versatile scarf on your flight! Some flights give you pillows and blankets, and some don’t. If you’re on a flight that doesn’t have pillows and blankets, scarf can act as a makeshift blanket for your arms, at least for your arms. You could also use a scarf to cover your head if you’re feeling extra cold, or use it to block out light.

I adore this scarf from Urban Outfitters! The tassels complement the paisley design perfectly. 

6 // Earbuds. Some flights will give you a basic pair of headphones to be used with their in-flight entertainment systems…if they have in-flight entertainment systems. Make sure to bring earbuds so that you can listen to your music or watch movies on your own devices at a comfortable volume without disturbing your neighbors. I was on a flight were someone was playing music directly from their phone, and I wasn’t too pleased with that…

I absolutely love my Apple Earpods that came with my phone. They’re my go-to headphones! 

7 // iPod, iPhone, iPad, or music player. A flight is a great time to listen to some of your favorite music! Also, you can bring along any movies, music, games, or TV shows you’d like to watch, in case you just have to binge watch a show!

These iPod shuffles are compact and are only $50! 

Are you planning to travel anywhere this summer? What are YOUR carry-on essentials? Anything you would add to this list?

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