Boho by Spence Diamonds–Beautiful Ethical & Sustainable Jewelry



Boho By Spence Diamonds // Small Feather Earring $99.00 USD // Medium Earth Adjustable Necklace $99.00 USD
Boho By Spence Diamonds // Small Feather Earring $99.00 USD

Shopping for quality jewelry can be tricky. There are so many styles, shapes to fit every price range, it’s enough to make your head spin. We don’t always know what the jewelry is really made of (conflict-free diamonds? real gold?), or who even made it. Some of the prices on mall fashion jewelry make you question if tiny hands or underpaid workers were involved in the making. 

That’s heartbreaking. 

Finding quality jewelry is no easy task. Finding quality jewelry that speaks to you, that inspires you, that makes you feel confident, that gives you a sense of individuality–that’s even tougher. I’m not into buying jewelry that’s only fashionable for a few weeks that ends up oxidized or knotted in the bottom of my jewelry box. 

With that being said, there’s a lot to love about the Boho by Spence collection

Boho By Spence Diamonds // Small Feather Earring $99.00 USD // Medium Earth Adjustable Necklace $99.00 USD

Boho by Spence has made it their mission to craft jewelry for the spirit of the Boho girl in a sustainable and ethical way.

The Boho girl sees the world differently than your average girl. She’s creative, adventurous, and fun, but she also fears no challenge and is morally grounded. She loves to travel, enjoys fashion, hangs out at festivals, and catches up with friends over coffee. An independent thinker. Curious. Compassionate. Confident. 

The collection is made up of several symbols: Earth, Fire, Water, Leaf, Lotus, Paisley, Feather, Arrow, and Infinity. Every symbol has a different meaning behind it. 

For example, the leaf symbol is “purity personified.” It’s a reminder of the importance of respecting oneself and others. Another symbol is the lotus, which represents the future and how our possibilities are wide open. 
Boho By Spence Diamonds // Small Feather Earring $99.00 USD // Medium Earth Adjustable Necklace $99.00 USD

The two pieces of jewelry I have feature the lotus and the feather. The feather is about lightening your mind, opening your heart, and letting yourself go. 

Every symbol is positive, thought-provoking, and grounding. I love the idea of wearing a piece of jewelry that is more than just a piece of jewelry. 

Each piece is simple, elegant, and light. The earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets are universally flattering, no matter the occasion or outfit. It’s effortlessly easy to style any of the pieces.

My favorite part about the Boho by Spence Diamonds collection is that 1% of each purchase goes to the NGO Not for Sale to alleviate human trafficking and that Spence Diamonds has a deep-rooted commitment to help the community affected by diamond exploitation in Central Africa. They focus on eliminating any unethical impact and they also focus on building the community by building schools and creating housing for those displaced. 

All pieces in the Boho by Spence Diamonds are made with Artisan Created Diamonds. They’re identical to mined diamonds–even gemologists can’t tell the difference. When the diamonds catch the light, they have the most beautiful glow and illuminate the jewelry so well. Knowing that all of the jewelry in this collection has been created in a socially conscious way makes me proud to wear the jewelry. 

Anything from the Boho by Spence collection will make a great addition to your own jewelry collection. The symbolism and social consciousness behind this collection also makes any of the earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets a thoughtful gift. 

Head to a store near you to see all the pieces in person, or make a purchase online from the U.S. or Canadian online stores.

To visit the U.S. online store, click here.  There is free shipping on all orders in the U.S.

To visit the Canadian store, click here. 

Spence Diamonds will also be hosting a giveaway for this collection. Check out their pages here to get more information. 

Boho By Spence Diamonds // Small Feather Earring $99.00 USD // Medium Earth Adjustable Necklace $99.00 USD

Boho By Spence Diamonds // Small Feather Earring $99.00 USD
Boho By Spence Diamonds // Small Feather Earring $99.00 USD // Medium Earth Adjustable Necklace $99.00 USD

Why I Love My Rocksbox Subcription

September RocksboxI’m going to be honest with you–I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, nor do I change up my jewelry very often. I wear a simple pair of diamond studs every single day, and have a little cubic zirconia stud in the cartilage of my right ear. It’s a simple, classic look that I don’t have to think twice about most of the time. 

I actually like jewelry and accessorizing, but sometimes it can all be a hassle in my opinion. There are a few things that stop me from changing up my look:

I don’t like buying cheap, trendy jewelry from a fast-fashion store in the mall that’s going to go out of fashion in a few months. I did that in college and it was fine then, but I feel like I should be spending on quality pieces at this point in my life, even if they cost more than $6.90. It all adds up–becoming clutter and a waste of money. 

“I have nothing to wear.” My studs are always in reach and they go with everything. But when I look in my jewelry drawers and stands, I never see anything I want to wear. Suddenly, my collection of jewelry seems boring and I end up thinking “I have nothing to wear.” 

I don’t have time to shop for jewelry. I just don’t. Plus, jewelry is usually one of those things that’s better to shop for in person. Sometimes the images online make the bracelet, necklace, or ring look waaayyy better than they actually do. 

I don’t really want to pay crazy prices for pretty pieces. Some of the nicer fashionable pieces of jewelry at department stores can go for a lot of money. $100-$200. As someone who doesn’t switch up her jewelry enough, it’s not worth the money. 

I also don’t have time to look for what’s in style for the season. I just don’t have enough room in my brain to store what’s in style when it comes to jewelry for the season. I can keep some of the main trends of the season in mind, but remembering what jewelry is in style and then shopping for it is too much for me.

The only thing that has changed my mind about trying to wear more pretty and trendy jewelry is my subscription to Rocksbox. I just had the chance to try it out and wow, I am impressed. 

Rocksbox solves almost all of my problems when it comes to jewelry. The only thing they don’t do is come over to my house and put the jewelry on me, but everything else they do makes my life so much easier. 

By spending $21/month for a subscription, you get three pieces of jewelry from designers like Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, gorjana, House of Harlow 1960, Sophie Harper, Nakamol, and the list goes on and on. 

First, you create your style profile–a quiz that asks you questions on what kind of jewelry you like to wear and how frequently you wear those pieces.

Then, your account has been created! And you can browse all the jewelry they have available. 

Add your favorites to your wishlist by “hearting” your favorites. Pick your top 10 and then Rocksbox will send you three pieces from this list!

I received my Rocksbox about 2 business days after placing my order–pretty fast! No shipping charges, btw. 

My granted wishes included a Sophie Harper necklace ($49), Kendra Scott studs ($65), and a Nakamol wrap bracelet ($63). That’s a $177 value. 

You have the option to buy the pieces or send them back, but the pieces are yours to wear and try out while you decide. Yeah, you can wear all this pretty jewelry and send it all back. 

And there are deals if you buy the products. For my September box, I can get $10 off if I buy two pieces or $20 off if I buy three. 

This is a steal, considering everything:

I don’t have to buy the jewelry. I’ll always have something new to wear. I can go to one place online to see what jewelry I like and look at photos where I trust what the pieces look like. I don’t have to pay the crazy prices. And I don’t have to worry about whether my jewelry is in style or not, because it will be in style. 

Rocksbox really makes my life so much easier. 

If you want to try out Rocksbox for FREE for one month, (yes, at no charge), use the code “thesassylifexoxo”. 

I’m sharing all of this with you because I love it and I think if you’re a lot like me where you want to have really good style but don’t have time to do your own research, you’re going to really like it, too. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Build Your Own Birchbox (BYOB) at Birchbox

While strolling through SOHO (strolling may not be the right word…I had tired arms with heavy shopping bags hitting my knees) on the lookout for Ladureé and Dominique Ansel for afternoon snacks, I came across the Birchbox flagship store and decided to step in to see what they had in stock!

Birchbox Soho Store
View of the store from the BYOB area

Upon walking in, the bright white walls were neatly lined with shelves of beauty products familiar to Birchbox subscribers, like COOLA sunscreen, BeautyBlender, and other favorites. A quick walk downstairs leads you to a nice selection of women’s hair products and a wide selection of men’s products.

But we have to talk about the best part of the store. The most notable part of the flagship store? The coolest, most exciting, you-have-to-visit-if-you’re-a-Birchbox-fan-because-this-is-way-too-cool part? The Build-Your-Own-Birchbox or BYOB section.

The BYOB section has a wide selection of samples with everything you see on Birchbox (dry shampoo, nail polish, moisturizers, you name it). For only $10, you get to add 5 samples of whatever you would like!

BYOB (Build Your Own Birchbox) at Birchbox Flagship in SOHO

You can see in the photo above that they have men’s and women’s products separated and categorized, with sample offerings in hair, makeup, body, nail, skincare, and fragrance.

Even though I’m an ongoing monthly Birchbox subscriber, I found the BYOB section to be AMAZING! Why, you ask? You can try out products that maybe wouldn’t be recommended to you based on your beauty profile, and you can physically hold the samples and view them before you add them to your box.

I loaded my box with these five samples:

Since I was traveling, I thought picking up dry shampoo and cleansing waters would be the best idea for me.

Birchbox BYOB Samples

Usually, a monthly Birchbox includes a variety of products––a perfume sample, skincare sample, cosmetics sample, etc. At the BYOB section, you don’t have to pick one product within each category. You could take home 5 mascaras, 5 dry shampoos, or 5 of whatever you want…well, I’m not sure that’s the policy BUT they didn’t stop me from picking up three cleansing waters/makeup removers!

There’s someone behind the counter who will give you more information on the samples and answer any questions, but there wasn’t anyone behind the counter when I went…which was totally okay by me because I wanted to take my sweet time touching all the samples!

So If you’re in SOHO and you’re a Birchbox fan, stopping by the flagship store (even if just for the BYOB section) is totally worth it!