Caviar Nails – How to

Caviar nails have been a popular nail art for a while now. Sephora carries a caviar nail kit by Ciate, for $25, but you can easily recreate the same effect for much cheaper.


  • Microbeads (I purchased mine from Michael’s: Martha Stewart | Recollections)
  • Base coat
  • Nail polish the a color of your choice
  • Top coat
  • Two containers to sort out your microbeads


  1. Select microbeads in the color(s) of your choice, and put them in one of the two containers
  2. Prepare your nails for new color (remove old polish, buff, file, cut, whatever you need to do).


  1. Apply basecoat to all nails.
  2. Apply ONLY ONE coat of colored nail polish to all nails.
  3. Working on one nail at a time, apply the second coat of nail polish. Then, place your finger over the empty container and sprinkle beads all over the nail. Gently press the beads on the nail in order to secure their placement.
  4. Put any of the extra beads from the second container back into the first container and repeat the step 3.
  5. Apply top coat only to the free edges of your nail. Do not apply to the entire nail.

That’s it! You should have a caviar manicure! Note that caviar nails do not last very long, so after a day or two, you might not have a perfect manicure any longer.

To ensure longevity, make sure you press the beads into the nail, and seal the free edge with a top coat to inhibit chipping from the top. If the colors from your microbeads do not bleed, you can try covering the entire nail in a top coat, although this is not recommended.

How do you like the caviar manicure look?

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