Cheetah/Leopard Print Nails

A couple of days ago I felt the urge to do some nail art, so I chose to do a cheetah print/leopard print (whichever one you want to call it) on my nails. In my opinion, this nail art is actually easier to do than most others because there’s room to be messy with these!

I just used a nail art brush (thin and stiff bristles) and dotting tool to make the different shapes.


  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Three different nail colors of your choice, should go together
  • Nail art brush (or thin and stiff paint brush)
  • Dotting tool


  1. Paint nails with a base coat. I use OPI’s base coat.
  2. Paint nails with two layers of nail polish, color of your choice. I used a gold color by Zoya. Wait for nails to dry between coats. Make sure nails are completely dry after second coat.
  3. Using the dotting tool, paint lopsided blobs (think kidney bean shapes, popcorn shapes, etc.) on the nail, using a color of your choice. Here, I used a white color also by Zoya. Wait until nails are completely dry.
  4. Using the nail art brush (thin with stiff bristles), outline random sections of painted blobs. Draw a border around 50% of the blob, loosely following the shape of the blob as a guide. Do not fully enclose the circle. You should never enclose more than 2/3 of the blob. Here, I used a dark shimmery navy blue color by Butter London. One of the best ways I have heard to describe this is to make a “cyclops eye and smile.”
  5.  Wait until nails are completely dry, and seal with a top coat. If the nails aren’t completely dry, then the design will start to smear and streak all over the nail (Exhibit A, my pinky nail as pictured above)

What are your thoughts on nail art? Are you a fan of this design?


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