DIY Burlap Pouch Tutorial

DIY Burlap Pouch

With Christmas around the corner, I think there are still a lot of us (myself included) scrambling to get the perfect gifts.

But that’s only half the battle. We have to find the right packaging and either bag, wrap, or seal our perfect gifts, and that can be a challenge if you don’t want to opt for your good ole regular snowflake wrapping paper.

Enter DIY Burlap Pouches. They’re hip, eco-friendly and reusable, and totally customizable. Did I mention they’re easy to make too? Gift small items and knick knacks in these durable burlap pouches!

DIY Burlap Pouch Tutorial:

DIY Burlap Pouch

  • Burlap (if you have a lot of creases, iron them out!)
  • Hemp Cord (yarn or embroidery floss or even twine work well for this too)
  • Sewing Machine/Needle + Thread


  1. Cut your burlap into your desired size. I chose 12″ x 8″, making a 5.5″ x 8″ bag. Since burlap is stiff and can also easily unravel, give yourself an extra inch as a margin. It’s best to use fabric scissors to get the cleanest cut.
  2. Line up your bag and start sewing. Use pins if you need to (I didn’t).
  3. Turn the bag inside out. Now, it’s probably going to look a little puffy. You can either iron it or do what I did and set it underneath a very heavy and flat surface.
  4. Then weave the cord through the top to create the drawstring.
  5. Decorate if you’d like to customize or leave as is for a classic rustic look.
  6. I’m no sewing pro and it took me 20 minutes at most to make one of these bags. At most. I’m a slow crafter guys.

DIY Burlap Pouch


That’s it! Pretty easy. I love that you can adjust the size to your liking to fit the right gifts. It’s better than buying a bunch of different sachets at the store in different sizes hoping something will fit. DIY Burlap Pouch


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