DIY Donut Coasters

DIY Donut Coasters

Can you imagine how cute it would be to have donut coasters on your coffee table? Show your love for this fun, sugary treat with this easy DIY. Not only are they fun to make, but they are a GREAT handmade gift idea for those loved ones who have a sweet tooth! Simply stack a set of coasters and tie them together with some colorful twine or neutral hemp cord.

The birch wood makes for strong, sturdy coasters that can withstand hot and cold drinks. Plus, if you’re able, you can find birch wood rounds or cut your own and recycle!

Read on to see how to make these coasters!

DIY Donut Coasters DIY Donut Coasters DIY Donut CoastersDonut Coasters - Supplies

DIY Donut Coasters


  • 4 Birch Coasters (4″ in diameter)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrushes (I used two–a thin brush and a medium brush)


Dip the medium paintbrush in pink paint and paint the shape of donut glaze on the wooden coaster. It doesn’t have to be perfect or neat by any means. Add some gentle squiggles to create some interest. Do this to all 4 coasters. The coasters don’t take very long to dry. If you have any dark spots on the wood, feel free to cover those areas in multiple thin coats of paint.

Use the thin brush to gently paint on little sprinkles in the colors you desire. Vary the directions of the lines to make them look like sprinkles, and try to keep the number of sprinkles even between the coasters and among all the colors. I chose pastel yellow, pastel purple, and pastel blue. The exact paints are shown above.

That’s it! Very easy. The paint dries so quickly that there is no wait time.

I chose not to seal my coasters with any type of acrylic sealant because I liked this look better, but for a glossy finish, go for the sealant or some Mod Podge!

DIY Donut Coasters

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