DIY Flower Letter

DIY Flower Letter

Remember last year when I wouldn’t shut up about flowers and spring? Maybe you don’t because you weren’t following me yet, but if you did, it’s similar to the way I won’t shut up about cold food. Anyway, my love for flowers still exists (though I’ve been quiet about it this year) and as much as I enjoy fresh flowers, there’s no possible way to always have them around throughout the year. So, what’s a girl to do?

Until very recently, I never really thought about displaying silk flowers around the home. I have flashbacks to 90s silk flowers my mom used to have *ahem* still has lying around somewhere *ahem* that obviously looked like fake flowers. The ones that look all plastic-y. It wasn’t until I came across flowers at the craft store that I saw how much silk flowers have improved over the years.

I was instantly in heaven. Peonies, ranunculus, and dahlia galore. I obviously wanted to buy them all. But I couldn’t because I don’t have $1000+ to spend on fake silk flowers. So I bought a few because they were having a sale and because I also had coupons (score) and decided to make a flower letter! I was inspired by the ones at Urbanic Paper and Honestly Yum, and I knew using silk flowers would make the flower letter last longer.

So after a little fun with a glue gun, I came up with this!

DIY Flower Letter

DIY Flower Letter Supplies


  • Silk Flowers, medium-sized and small, in coordinating colors
  • Paper mache letter


  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun + Glue


1. Cut the silk flowers off the stems as close to the flower as possible. The closer you cut, the flatter the flower will lay down on the letter.

2. Arrange the silk flowers. This is all based on preference, but I prefer the shape of the letter to show a little. I really like the shape of the paper mache letter and wanted that to still show through when the letter was completed, so I was very careful to not add to many flowers over the edge.

Start by arranging the large flowers. Spread out similar looking flowers if possible so that there is more texture to the letter. Once you’re happy with the placement of the large flowers. Start adding the small flowers. Use these flowers to add more variety to the arrangement and to fill in most of the gaps on the surface.

3. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, start gluing the flowers in place. I recommend taking a photo of the arrangement before starting, so that if any flowers are knocked out of place, you can match them up to the photo.

DIY Flower Initial/Letter

27 thoughts on “DIY Flower Letter

  1. Hi, im just wondering where you purchased your paper mache letter from? As ive been looking for some this sizing and cant seem to find them anywhere. If you could reply that would be fantastic! :)
    Courtney E.

      1. Awesome thank you so much for that! I just checked out there site and sent them an email as im located in New Zealand and am hoping (fingers and toes crossed) i can get some sent over here. Ive been looking online but its really hard to find the 12” sizing im looking for. Thank you for replying :)
        Courtney E.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I actually used silk flowers for this project, so I didn’t have to worry about the flowers wilting. If you choose to use fresh flowers, they might last anywhere from 3-7 days, depending on the flowers being used, but it’s difficult to say. If you plan to keep this for a long time, I’d recommend going with the silk flowers :) Hope that helps!

  2. Hi I love this idea! I’m wondering about how many flowers you got? How you figured out how many to get? I don’t want to go overkill but I don’t want to get too little and have to go back to the store which is far from me. Thanks.

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