DIY Splatter Paint Vases/Votives

DIY Splatter Paint Vases Votives

There’s just something I love about the splatter paint look. It looks like it was done on purpose, but also on accident at the same time. Messy yet refined, especially when the colors blend together well. There’s a balance to the chaos that just fits my taste.

While I love the look, there really is a time/place for a splatter paint look. That’s why I chose these little square vases/votives because they’re so versatile and don’t ask for too much attention. They’re great for displaying single flowers or for tea lights.

Giving these little vases/votives a splatter paint look was very fun and very easy to do. Like, a kid can do it. In fact, a kid will probably be better at achieving the splatter paint look than any adult! Take your frustrations out on something in a creative manner, or get in touch with your artsy side.

I love how this set adds a fun yet clean look to coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, bookshelves…any surface, really!

Can’t you just picture these used as centerpieces at a garden party? Maybe a wedding? Or, maybe at your best friend’s dinner party? They’re so easy to make, you can make batches of them at a time, meaning they make great gifts or party favors. You could even make a ton and keep them for yourself!

With this DIY, you might even have all the supplies you need on hand. Take a look!DIY Splatter Paint Vases Votives DIY Splatter Paint Vases Votives
DIY Splatter Paint Vases Votives DIY Splatter Paint Vases VotivesDIY Splatter Paint Vases Votives DIY Splatter Paint Vases Votives

DIY Splatter Paint Vases / Votives:


  • Vases/Votives (These came in a pack from Michael’s)
  • Sponge brush
  • Acrylic paint (colors of your choice)
  • Ramekin (or small container for mixing)
  • Optional: Gold/Metallic Liquid Gilding

Notes about supplies: 

  • You can get away with using a different type of paint brush. Even an old toothbrush works.
  • The container is used for adding water/paint. Acrylic paint washes out with soap/water, so you don’t need to worry about staining ceramic bowls or anything like that.


Cover your working surface with a tarp or some type of material that you do not mind ruining! In fact, I recommend doing this project outside while wearing clothes you do not care about!

  1. Flip the vases/votives so that the bottoms are facing UP.
  2. Dip the sponge brush into the first paint and splatter away. Less is more.
  3. Next, thin out the same paint color with a little water, and splatter away. This gives that watercolor look.
  4. Let each paint color dry before moving onto the next color.
  5. IF, and only IF you plan to use these as vases only, feel free to apply some liquid gilding. Liquid gilding is flammable and should not be applied if you plan to use these as votives. 
  6. Seal the vases/votives with an acrylic paint sealant to protect your unique work of art.

DIY Splatter Paint Vases Votives DIY Splatter Paint Vases Votives

Happy crafting!

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