Fall Bucket List!


I’m writing this post while wearing joggers, not athletic shorts, which means it’s cooling down. Winter is coming! But before that of course, we have fall–one of my favorite seasons.

Life goes at a crazy fast pace and I’m often caught up in day-to-day things like boring things like work, working out, chores, and errands. As cheesy as it can be, I’m making a fall bucket list to make sure I enjoy some of the little things this season brings.

Here’s my list!

Visit a pumpkin patch – Call me lame, but I think it’s really fun to spend time in a vast field of bright orange pumpkins. The bay area has some cool pumpkin patches, and I hope to visit one of them. I’m so ready to bring home a couple of pumpkins and some “Indian corn.”

Carve pumpkins – This is what I plan to do with the pumpkins I will be getting from the pumpkin patch. Either carve or paint, but I think carving is more in the spirit of the season than painting pumpkins.

Roast marshmallows – I never really thought about it, but I’m lightweight obsessed with marshmallows. A local cafe I frequent makes fresh marshmallows in a variety of flavors and when I visit, I always look forward to eating an ‘Oreo Crumble’ marshmallow. So, whether it’s over a campfire, bonfire, or kitchen stove, I want to roast some marshmallows, dammit!

Chase sunsets – In late September thru October, I become obsessed with ‘Golden Hour’ and sunsets. Sunsets are gorgeous year-round, but there’s something special about fall sunsets. I find myself endlessly snapping photos to remember the moment, as though a photo on my phone could do something that beautiful justice. Something I love about By Area sunsets–the same sunset in one part of the Bay Area looks completely different in another part. Which is why chasing sunsets–not just looking at them, is on my list. I’m on a little mission to find the best spots and enjoy the experience.

Bake pumpkin pie – I didn’t really get into pumpkin pie until recently (like a couple of years ago?) and honestly, it’s been good for my waistline. Anyway, I’m ready to bust out a traditional pumpkin pie and have my house smell like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and pumpkin.

Watch football – I’m listing football specifically because 1) football is pretty much considered THE ‘fall sport’ even though hockey and basketball start as well and 2) because it will be painful to support my 49ers this year but I still need to bite the bullet and do it!

Go on a hike – I don’t want to say I ‘regret’ not hiking more in the summer because it was obviously too hot and a lot of nice spots get too crowded on the weekends, but I am a little sad that I didn’t spend as much time outdoors as I wanted. Again, it was too hot. But now, the weather will be much nicer for hikes, walks, and runs! And fewer families will be venturing out on weekends to go on hikes because school. So hey! It’s my time, folks. Step aside. I want crane my neck upwards to look at a bunch of pretty redwood trees or even find a few small but really cool waterfalls.

Drink mulled wine, apple cider, and pumpkin ale – Need I say more?

Scary movies – I’m not really a scary movie type of person. They don’t keep me up at night, and just knowing that they’re fake almost makes me laugh at certain parts of scary movies (do I have some undiagnosed issues, guys? I’m in the minority here). But there are some scary movies that I haven’t seen (I’m awful at watching movies) that I think everyone and their mother have seen by now, like Silence of the Lambs, and Rosemary’s Baby. I’m ready to snack on some ‘Indian corn’ and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds while watching a few of these flicks.

Go stargazing – This one I will definitely need to go out of my way for, because there is too much light pollution here to see anything! The sky is practically orange at night. Just, no. Must venture out east to look at the stars.

Fall picnic – I like picnics. Spending time outside eating, drinking, and having fun in good company is always an excellent time. No further explanation needed!

My list is fairly long, but 3 months should be plenty of time to cross off most of the items on here!

Do you have a fall bucket list, or at least a few things you hope to do this fall? Let me know!

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