Fan Brush Nails

Fan Brush Nails at thesassylife

Easy nail art alert! Grab a fan brush and a few of your favorite polishes to create an abstract nail design!


  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • 3-4 polishes in coordinating colors
  • Fan Brush


Fan Brush Nails at thesassylife

1. Start by painting the base color on all of your nails. Wait for this to dry. In fact, it’s best if you wait for it to dry, then seal with a top coat. That way, you know for sure your nails are dry.

Fan Brush Nails at thesassylife

2. On a piece of scratch paper, drop a few dots of polish. Dip the fan brush in and give it a little test on the paper. Try sweeping motions and dragging motions to see what works best for you. For me, a dragging motion worked best, especially with the glitter polish I was using.

Fan Brush Nails at thesassylife

3. Wait for it to dry before moving on to the next step, or else the colors will get muddy and runny.

Fan Brush Nails at thesassylife

4. Layer on colors using the same technique. Again, wait for it to dry well.

Fan Brush Nails at thesassylife5. Continue layering on previous colors to build on the design. Seal with a top coat when COMPLETELY dry. If it looks dry and feels dry, WAIT. In my experience, my design still smudged! You may want to wait a few hours for this step.

And there ya go. You have a unique nail art design easily done using a fan brush!

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