Favorite Finds #12

This past week has been crazy. There’s been so much to get done and I was also on a juice cleanse. While on my cleanse, I tried spending more time relaxing rather than working, hence why you may have seen less on the blog this past week.

I’ve got a post I’ll be sharing with you all tomorrow regarding my juice cleanse. Let’s just say that it was a very different experience from the first time I did a cleanse. You’ll know all the details tomorrow!

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week!

Carrie Brownstein: SF Is Its Own Portlandia (The Bold Italic)

Do you guys know who Carrie Brownstein is? Do you guys know what Portlandia is? A gold star for you if you know who/what BOTH. If you don’t, it’s cool too. We can still be friends. Carrie Brownstein is interviewed on The Bold Italic talking about the similarities and differences between San Francisco and Portlandia. She’s hilarious. The article is funny. The way she puts things is funny. It’s all around funny. Funny, funny, funny. Did I over use that word yet? Anyway, read it for a good laugh!

Nutella Mousse
Credit: Caroline K. via SubtleSweetness101.wordpress.com

My love for Nutella is ongoing and everlasting. I’m surprised I haven’t overdone eating the stuff yet and shunned it for good, honestly. I’ve done that before to some of my favorite foods and had to take a break. Anyway, here’s a recipe for Nutella Mousse. It only uses three ingredients and is super easy to make. It looks so decadent, you wouldn’t imagine only three things go into it. Plus, you have to see the ingredient that makes it guilt-free!

10 Tips for Staying Sane on a Cleanse (Chalkboard Mag)

These ten tips for staying sane on a cleanse are definitely good tips on how to really maximize the benefits of a cleanse and how to make the most of it all. I wish I was able to follow most of the tips, but of course, that just didn’t pan out for me. Anyway, if you are into juicing or are into juice cleanses, this may be a good resource to bookmark (or pin!). I love their tips on prepping for a detox and ending the cleanse.

Spaghetti with Poached Egg
Credit: Pinch of Yum

This idea is so simple, I’m sitting here staring at this spaghetti wondering how I didn’t think of this. This spaghetti is tossed in marinara sauce and topped with a poached egg! The fresh basil and the cracked black pepper make the flavor all the more appealing. You need to see how easy and mouthwatering this dish is for yourself at Pinch of Yum.

That’s it! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

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