Favorite Finds #18

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here are some of the most “shareworthy” and awesome links I came across last week.

Cookies & Cream Chocolate Doughnuts
Credit: Tessa at Handle the Heat

Cookies and Cream Doughnuts – I can’t take my eyes off these doughnuts, and I also can’t stop imagining how rich and chocolatey they must taste. I will eat pretty much ANYTHING “Cookies and Cream” so you can only imagine my excitement when I first laid eyes on these babies.

DIY Nail Polish Marble Tray
Credit: Jen at I Heart Organizing

DIY Marbled Tray – How beautiful is this marbled tray? It’s so creative and it only takes 10 minutes to make. I personally love the way the colors go together in this bright and fun marbled tray. Plus, you could use a plastic tray like this to do anything from serve food (probably lined with paper or something) to store makeup. I would totally use this idea to use up any old nail polish I can’t seem to part with but is definitely past its prime and can no longer be worn.

Honeycomb Soap
Credit: Leah at Freutcake

Honeycomb Soap – I love this idea! Not only does it look fun to make your own soaps at home but it would be fun to mold them into pretty shapes, like this honeycomb. Hexagons are quite “in” right now and I can definitely see honeycomb soaps like this popping up in boutiques everywhere.

Faux Hexagon Planter
Credit: Brittni Mehlhoff via Curbly

Faux Metal Hexagon Planter – When I first read the title, I couldn’t see what was so “faux” about it! It looks like the real thing to me! Then I got to reading the tutorial and couldn’t believe how easy this tutorial was! I’ve gotta try this one out!

Have a relaxing Sunday evening!

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