Favorite Finds #21

Source: The Merrythought

DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case – What a great way to preserve flowers and be close to nature at all times. With the start of fall, we are going to be spending much more time indoors through winter… With this beautiful pressed flower phone case, it’s easy to carry a piece of nature with you throughout the year, no matter what season.

Easy No Churn Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream
Credit: Dana at Minimalist Baker

No-Churn Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream – First of all, I want to say I already tried this recipe, and it’s really good. I was shocked to see that coconut cream, dates, and cocoa powder could turn into a creamy vegan ice cream. Who would have thought of that? Those with dietary restrictions that rule out dairy can rejoice! The ingredients are all-natural, making it a much healthier indulgence than most other ice creams.

Marble Dipped Vase
Credit: Rachel of the Crafted Life via Poppytalk

DIY Marble Dipped Vase – I love marbling. Marbling lets you create beautiful, abstract one-of-a-kind designs that are pleasing to the eye. In fact, I have a marbling project I have worked on that I’ll be sharing with you guys soon. Marbling is really easy once you get the hang of it. I definitely want to try marbling a vase! I love the way it looks and the red really pops. The nice part about this vase is that it can stand alone on a shelf and still be a great piece of decor.

S'mores Cupcakes
Credit: Trevor Rex

S’mores Cupcakes – These s’mores cupcakes look like they came straight from a bakery. For those of us fighting to keep the end of summer until the bitter end, making these s’mores cupcakes would be a fun “last hurrah!” type deal. This recipe is quite intense as it shows you in detail how to make the graham cracker crust and meringue frosting. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s for those who really like s’mores and cupcakes.

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