Favorite Finds #29

I haven’t done one of these in a while. It’s been a busy time, guys.

Between a muscle sprain and getting sick this past week, I’ve been pretty wiped out. It hasn’t been the best time, but I’ll pull through :) We all have those weeks!

Here are some of my favorite finds…and here’s to hopefully doing this a little more frequently!

Almond Milk Bubble Tea
Credit: Lindsay at Love & Olive Oil

Thai Almond Milk Bubble Tea – I’ve been pretty into bubble tea lately. It’s definitely a phase, but I’m pretty sure the dairy (and all those pearls!) can’t be too good for me. I was so happy to stumble across this recipe by Lindsay at Love & Olive Oil which uses almond milk. I can’t wait to make this so I can start enjoying bubble tea at home instead of spending $3-4 every time I want one (which is pretty often!).

DIY Leather Heart Gift Tags
Credit: Geneva at A Pair & A Spare

DIY Leather Heart Gift Tags – Talk about a gift that will last a long, long time! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, these gift tags would add such a thoughtful finishing touch to a lovingly wrapped gift. What I love about this project is that you don’t have to save them for Valentine’s Day, and you can pretty much personalize them however you like. I still can’t help but stare at the simple, practical beauty of these gift tags!

Double-Stuffed Oreo Jello Shots
Credit: Laura Gummerman via A Beautiful Mess

Double-Stuffed Oreo Jello Shots – You had me at Double-Stuffed Oreos. Never in a million years would I have thought to pair together Jello, Oreos, and alcohol. But alas, Laura at A Beautiful Mess has played with the idea only to successfully concoct these brilliant jello shots. On the list to try soon!

DIY Travel Mug
Credit: Kelly at Studio DIY

DIY Travel Mugs – Aren’t these travel mugs super cute? Kelly from Studio DIY shows us how to make our own travel mugs so we can plaster inside jokes, snarky quotes, and cute prints on the container that holds our liquid caffeine…err…coffee. Travel mugs have a very important job, guys. We must treat them with love and respect.

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