Favorite Finds #35

DIY Donut Tote
Credit: Amber via Damask Love

DIY Donut Tote Bag – Unless you were away from all social media (and perhaps even the internet) this past week, you probably were hammered with “Happy National Donut Day!” messages, coupons, and photos from friends, brands, and bloggers.

And as a donut lover, I had absolutely no problem with that! I think all donut lovers can get behind the message on this tote bag. Amber at Damask Love shows us step-by-step how to make this cute bag. Doesn’t it look like it was mass-printed? I think that speaks to Amber’s crazy good DIY skills!

DIY Monogram Planter
Credit: Caroline via Burkatron

DIY Grow Your Own Initial (DIY Monogram Planter) – Make these planters as centerpieces at garden parties, barbecues, and weddings this summer, or just make one for your own enjoyment to keep in your home. You don’t really need justify why you should make one of these monogram planters! Caroline at Burkatron shows you exactly what supplies you’ll need to grow your own initial and gives you tips on how to make them + ideas on how to display them. I can see the overachievers thinking up a phrase or message to spell out with these planters!

Breakfast Crepe Squares
Photo Credit: Ivan Solvis via DESIGNLOVEFEST

Square Breakfast Crepes – To me, there’s nothing like starting the day with a hot breakfast, unless it’s already 80 degrees out by the time I’m ready to eat my first meal of the day. These savory crepes caught my eye as a healthy way to start off the day, and they can even work as a light lunch or dinner. The hardest part about making this breakfast is probably making the actual crepes themselves, but it looks so, so, so worth it. I’d love to start off a Saturday morning with a breakfast like this!

Saltine Crack Ice Cream Sandwiches
Credit: Deb Perelman via Smitten Kitchen

Saltine Crack Ice Cream Sandwiches – I think my jaw dropped when I first laid my eyes on these babies. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that Deb made such beautiful ice cream sandwiches at home…nor could I wrap my head around the possibility of being able to recreate these delectable treats myself. Basically, these ice cream sandwiches are “Sheets of salted cracker toffee slathered with dark chocolate and studded with toasted nuts used to sandwich vanilla ice cream”. Simply put, delicious.

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