Favorite Finds #4

Wow, this week I came across a LOT of great stuff, but I felt like I should only post the best of what I found, so here it goes. Grab a hot cup of coffee and tea and enjoy this lovely Sunday!

Hanging Vase Display
Credits: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes via A Beautiful Mess

This hanging vase display I saw at A Beautiful Mess. It’s a creative way to display your fresh cut flowers. jInstead of bunching them altogether in a vase, this alternative spreads the color (and fresh floral scent) around.

DIY Floral Crown
Credit: Stephanie Godfrey via The Effortless Chic

This beautiful floral crown faintly whispers whimsical. It also uses pink ranunculus flowers, which was a favorite find last week! And, now I can make a floral crown out of real flowers instead of forking over money for a fake one.

Donut Printables
Credit: Amy Moss via ohhappyday.com

This FREE printable makes an awesome gift topper or decorative garland! Don’t they look store-bought? I’m pretty sure their secret is using a paper puncher instead of scissors to get clean, perfect lines. When I’m in the mood to gift some doughnuts, I’ll top a gift box with a few of these.

Pink Flower Desktop Background by KT smail
Credit: KT smail via DesignLoveFest

The moment I saw these pretty desktop backgrounds, I immediately thought of Rifle Paper Co. This painted floral background titled Pink Flowers is now my desktop background! You could even set it as a phone background or lock screen background, and there are plenty to choose from at Design Love Fest.


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