Favorite Finds #5

Happy Sunday, everyone! I know by now you all are sick of my food posts and are ready to look at something else for a little while. Here are some of my favorite finds to hold you over!

Sequin Phrase Sweatshirt from A Beautiful Mess
Credits: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes via A Beautiful Mess

You see this sweatshirt? Yeah, Laura MADE that. That’s way cooler than something you could find at the store, plus you can totally personalize it. Check out the tutorial here.

Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook
Credit: Amazon.com

I got this book in the mail last week! Sally share so many delicious sweet treats and she even shares some lightened up treats for those who are health conscious or watching their figure. I’ve already bookmarked a few things I want to make!

DIY Instagram Coasters at Living Your Creative
Credit: Living Your Creative

I think Instagram Coasters are the perfect gift for your Instagram-obsessed friends! You know, the ones who post like 3 pictures in a row and manage to do that every day! This is an easy way to give a handmade gift.

DIY Sweatshirt Skirt with Tied Sleeves in Front
Credit: Carly Cais at Chic Steals

One cannot deny how badass this skirt is. It embodies that casual 90s grunge look but makes it more modern and clean. With the sweatshirt around the waist trend coming back, this is a fashion-forward way to show your friends you know what’s going on but you aren’t dressed like you’re about to hit the monkey bars on the playground.

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