Favorite Finds #6

I think you all know the drill by now! I’m mixing in some St. Patrick’s Day inspired finds too since tomorrow’s the day!

Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes are amazing. I actually think I wrote about them on the blog last year when I picked up a cupcake from Kara’s cupcakes. Instead of trekking over to Kara’s cupcakes to get my hands on one of these seasonal cupcakes, maybe I should make them instead this year! This recipe at Easybaked.net mixes in Bailey’s into the cake, the frosting, and the chocolate ganache. What more could a girl want?

One of my favorite bloggers, Joy Cho, has a collaboration with Target being released today! She worked with Target to come up with cute garden party decorations. Bright colors and cute paper goods are all you need to take your party to the next level. Plus, isn’t this perfect for spring? These goods just make me want to sit outside, eat a slice of cake, and enjoy some lemonade.

Can you believe this gorgeous stationery box was a DIY? I would think I’d find this over at Anthropologie! This beautiful stationery box keeps all your pretty paper and envelopes organized. It’s easy to customize too!

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