Favorite Finds #8

Isn’t it hard to believe that March is already almost over? This is the last favorite finds feature for the month. Once March is over, that means 1/4 of 2014 is already over!

Here are a few of my favorite links from the past week. Enjoy your Sunday!

Skillet Brownies
Credit: My Baking Addiction

Skillet brownies?! OH MY GOD! Yes, the all-caps was warranted. This looks AMAZING. Let’s just combine everything amazing into one beautiful dessert, shall we?

Credit: Creme De La Crumb

Oatmeal is my go-to breakfast. As much as I love Brown Sugar & Maple Oatmeal, sometimes I’m looking for a change in flavor. But I’m looking for something equivalent in sweetness, or something even sweeter! This oatmeal seems to meet my sweet tooth breakfast criteria!

DIY Waffle Mix
Credit: Design Eat Repeat

Speaking of breakfast, waffles are my favorite breakfast food! Seriously though, my love for waffles rivals Leslie Knope’s. However, I’m not a fictional character on a show so I can’t down waffles on the daily without any consequences (hence the oatmeal). I love this gift idea, because now I can gift fellow waffle lovers the mix for an amazing batch of waffles!

DIY Jeweled Clutch
Credit: A Pair and a Spare

Ummm this looks store-bought, but the step-by-step photos prove it is in fact a DIY! It’s perfection. I’d love to decorate a clutch with jewels like this, although I’m fairly sure I’d mess it up somehow.


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