February Julep Maven Box

Julep unboxing time! This month’s theme was all about Hollywood and glamour since the Academy Awards are in February. Instead of my usual Boho Glam box, I went for the American Beauty theme which featured a light neutral cream called Sally (inspired by Sally Field), and a raspberry plum with rose gold shimmer called Joan (inspired by Joan Crawford).

There were plenty of extra goodies in this month’s box! One was the Oxygen Nail Treatment, which is to be used when nails are bare. It’s light pink color actually make natural nails look really nice. I’ve already tried it and I think it makes my nails look so much healthier without looking like I’ve painted them. Plus it adds an extra shine.

Another extra was the Freedom Top Coat, which is supposed to provide a gel-like shine and cures under a normal light bulb (60 watts) in 3-5 minutes.

As another small bonus this month, I received an eyelash curler and some heart-shaped chocolate! Yes!

I don’t usually select add-ons with my box, but this month I chose to get Jane, which is a full-coverage rose gold multi-dimensional glitter. Add-ons don’t normally cost much, this was only an extra $5! It sells on their site to Mavens for $11.20, so this felt like steal.

Has anyone tried any of the new products like the Oxygen Nail Treatment or the Freedom Top Coat? What do you think of them?

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