2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For Beauty Lovers

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

Finding good gifts for beauty lovers can be a lot more complicated than we think. Unless the beauty lovers in our lives explicitly say they want such and such product from this store, it’s kind of a long shot whether they’ll like the beauty gift you give them.

And it’s not your fault. The beauty lover is just so knowledgable about what she wants. It takes a level of dedication to really know the ever-changing beauty industry inside and out. She might even stay up until midnight just to get her hands on the latest beauty launch. Every beauty junkie has her own (or his!) favorites, her own style, and her own beauty regimen. 

Instead of getting frustrated over what to gift the glam queen in your life, I’ve put together a list of beauty products that should be pretty safe to gift! Either I love and have tried these products, or the beauty community has (bloggers, customer reviews, YouTube reviewers, etc.). Also, they’re classic in a sense, coming from brand new and very popular brands, but also some from brands with name-power–the ones that are well-known because they’re just that good. 

Here we go!

Beautyblender ‘Pure’ Sponge Applicator, Size One Size – No Color – $20

Beautyblenders are one of the most popular tools in beauty right now. . Just wet the sponge, wring out any excess moisture, and use it to apply skincare products, foundation, blush, concealer, or even a setting powder. $20 is the usual price for the classic Beautyblender. Usually you see them come in pink, but the one right here is free of any colorful dyes. I like the idea of a no-color sponge because the sponges can sometimes bleed color when you clean it.

Occasionally, you can find good deals on value packs, like the one shown below. Two beautyblenders, a cleanser, and blotterazzi for $34 (on sale at the time of post) is a very good price, and $40 normally.

Beautyblender Gold Mine Makeup Sponge Applicator & Cleanser Set – $40.00 but on sale for $34

This set is a great deal! This value pack is worth about $60 and is on sale for almost half the price. Even if you purchased this for yourself (shhhh I won’t tell :)), you’re saving a lot of money. 

La Mer Mini Miracles Collection – $85.00

La Mer is well-known for their luxury skincare products. This mini bundle is perfect for someone stocks their vanity with very high-end beauty products. The price is definitely a little steep for a gift, but if you’re okay with the price, chances are that you can’t go wrong with this gift! It’s very thoughtful. Plus, it’s great for those of us who are very on-the-go, travelers, or minimalists. 

Arcona Triad Toner Pads – $36

With so many 5-star reviews, it’s hard to go wrong with something as convenient and nourishing as these triad toner pads. They’re so easy to travel with, keep in a desk drawer, or throw in a gym bag.

Foreo Luna(TM) Play Facial Cleansing Brush – $39.00

No batteries needed for this tiny cleansing brush! It’s smaller than the palm of my hand. I love the size because it’s small enough for me to pack or stow away in the bathroom, but big enough to actually clean my face. As someone who wears makeup on a daily basis, it’s nice to add a cleansing brush to my skincare routine to ensure I’m cleaning my skin well.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. C + E Micro-Dissolve Cleansing Oil

Sunday Riley C.E.O. C + E Micro-Dissolve Cleansing Oil – $38.00

Sunday Riley is one of my favorite skincare brands right now and I have to say, this cleansing oil is a holy grail product for me. As someone with oily skin, I finally found a cleanser that doesn’t totally irritate my skin minutes after using it by drying it out. Plus, the best way to get rid of dirt and debris in oily skin is to use an oil-based cleanser like this one. Once I started using it, I never looked back.

Almost any Sunday Riley product would be greatly appreciated by a beauty lover!

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane – $15.50

The Ordinary is a brand taking the beauty world by storm right now. This brand sells pure and powerful skincare formulas and basics for rock-bottom prices. $15.50 is the high-end of what you’ll pay for products from this brand. Foundations start at $8. You can get beauty oils for $5-7. And the skincare products are purely made up of the powerful skincare ingredients you’ll find in high-end skincare. The Ordinary has guides on what to purchase for your own customized skincare regimen and how to layer the products, making it one of the most affordable beauty lines right now. It’s so popular that many items are consistently sold out across the internet, so keep your eyes peeled for in-stock notifications. 


Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel – $25.00

Baby Foot is the best product you can buy for dry feet and cracked heels. Slip on the booties for an hour, and wash off the product. Then, in a few days, you’ll see dead skin cells peeling off, leaving you with baby smooth skin in a week or two. I’ve tried a cheaper product that totes the same results, and it didn’t compare AT ALL to Baby Foot. This is the only foot peel I can personally recommend. Typically this product retails at $25 but sometimes you can find it for cheaper at other stores!

Invisibobble I Live In Wonderland Collection ORIGINAL the traceless hair ring holiday trio – $8

Finding good hair ties or hair bands can be pretty tricky. And once you find your favorite one, stretched to the perfect size, you lose it. After seeing a few blogger recommendations, I tried Invisibobble and I’m never looking back. I always have an issue with hair ties and bands leaving lines and marks in my hair. Even the soft hair ties made with foldover elastic, I still had soft traces of the band in my hair. That issue is long gone for me with these Invisibobbles.


FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Match Stix Trio – $54.00

URBAN DECAY Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

URBAN DECAY Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette – $54.00

The Naked Palette series by Urban Decay is now a classic! So many companies try to duplicate the palettes since they’re well-loved by the beauty community. I don’t wear eyeshadow often but I have a couple of Naked Palettes I rely on when I do need to wear something more than eyeliner and mascara on my eyes. The only way you would go wrong with a Naked palette? If your favorite beauty lover already has one! 

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette – $65.00

Huda Beauty is a brand new line by world-famous beauty blogger Huda Kattan. Her products flew off the shelves just like Rihanna’s! This eyeshadow palette is one of the most popular products at Sephora right now. 

Kiehl's Since 1851 Disney x Kiehl's Healthy Hydration Set

Kiehl’s Since 1851 Disney x Kiehl’s Healthy Hydration Set – $35.00

Kiehl’s skincare products are classic. This value set features $66 worth of products for $35. Since hydrating products are a must in winter, you can’t go wrong with this set!

L’Occitane Hand Cream Collection – $42.00

This limited edition set of hand cream by L’Occitane will be well-loved and used by dry hands all year long. What I love about this set is that you can break up the set and give out 1-2 hand creams in gift baskets or bundles.

What do you think? Were you able to find a good gift on this list? Beauty junkies–are there any beauty products you would add to this list? 

Let me know in the comments–I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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