Google Reader Alternatives

Dear Google Reader Users,

You have a solid 18 days to find an alternative to Google Reader, backup your data, and import your feeds!

One Google service I use on the daily (other than Gmail) is Google Reader. I’ve been using it every day for the past couple of years to catch up on news and read posts from my favorite blogs. You could imagine my shock when saw headlines with “Google Reader Shutdown.” I was so surprised that Google would shut down Reader.

Petitions and user backlash aside, it doesn’t seem like Google is changing their stance. So after testing out some alternatives for a while, here are my top picks for anyone looking to test alternatives to Google Reader or are just looking for a different reader in general.

Yoleo Reader

Yoleo-ReaderYoleo Reader is a brand new web app with the mission of replacing Google Reader. It is very similar to Google Reader in terms of importing your feeds and the layout. Yoleo is my number one choice–I’ve been comfortably using Yoleo for about a week now and think I’m pretty much settled with this web app. There’s a mobile app to come in the future! I highly recommend that you check out Yoleo Reader, especially if you’re a big fan of how simple Google Reader is.


feedly-screenshotFeedly is one of the most recommended feed services by other websites. There’s a web app and mobile app for Feedly, making it extra convenient, plus a couple of extra options to personalize the way you read (like selecting layouts). While I do like how convenient it is, I find that it’s a little slow sometimes!


Reeder Screenshot


Reeder is a simple program for RSS subscriptions. I downloaded it from the Mac App Store. It’s user-friendly and easy to use, but can sometimes lag a bit. The biggest downside to this reader is that it does not have a web app. Personally, I like the convenience of having a web app so I can view my feeds anywhere.


bloglovin-screenshotBloglovin’! This is what I use to follow some of my favorite blogs! While it’s great for that purpose, it isn’t the best for following say a news site for example. It’s great for following blogs, but if you like to follow more than just blogs, Bloglovin’ may not cut it for you!

How do you follow all of your favorite blogs and websites? Comment and let us know!

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