How To Take Your Happy Hour To The Next Level


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Riondo Prosecco. All opinions are 100% mine.

How to Upgrade Your Happy Hour Hey friend, how are you? How are you enjoying your summer? Are you spending time outside enjoying the sunshine and warm weather? Or maybe staying in and binging on Netflix? Both are good ways to spend your days, no judgement here. 

I’m on a mission this summer to go beyond doing the usual and take everything to the next level. More hanging out with friends, more vacations/trips, more adventures, more family time–basically more summer fun. Life is short, time passes quickly, and I want to enjoy my youth. 

Surprisingly, it’s not very hard to take your summer fun to the next level. I always thought I had to plan so far ahead to make sure all these tiny details are in order, but that actually isn’t the case. Small changes here and there make all the difference.  How to Upgrade Your Happy HourHow to Upgrade Your Happy Hour Instead of drinking my usual beer, wine, or cocktail this summer, I’ve been enjoying more sparkling wines like Prosecco. Not everyone knows what Prosecco is exactly, so let me explain real quick: Prosecco is a white sparkling wine from Italy. Like Champagne, the name Prosecco refers to a specific region and grape. Prosecco comes from glera grapes grown in the north-east Veneto region of Italy. Riondo Prosecco is meant to be enjoyed anytime and fruity, with a slight hint of sweetness, making it perfect to have with summer fruit. Unlike Champagne, which is generally reserved for special occasions and celebrations, Riondo Prosecco is meant to be enjoyed anytime and remember, I’m taking things to the next level.So I’ve been enjoying it at dinner, while watching TV, or during happy hours, and more.  How to Upgrade Your Happy Hour I’ve been trying out different brands of Prosecco this summer and I must say, I’m partial to Riondo Prosecco. Some Proseccos can be a little too strong for my taste, but Riondo is perfectly balanced. It’s one that I can see myself buying over and over again, especially since it’s well-priced. 

Riondo is also a great choice for backyard BBQs, patio get-togethers with friends, brunch, and more because of its versatility.

Though it is traditionally served on its own or in Bellinis,  Riondo Prosecco pairs very well with juices, garnishes, and other spirits. Check out some Riondo Prosecco Cocktails for some excellent inspiration! I’ve even done Prosecco floats and they’re delicious.  How to Upgrade Your Happy Hour My favorite way to drink Prosecco is outside in the afternoon for happy hour. Just popping a bottle isn’t enough though. There are so many ways to make your happy hour a little more festive and “up” the feel.  

Ways to upgrade your happy hour:

  • Switch it up from beer and wine and try something you never usually drink. 
  • Location location location. Enjoy your drink(s) on your patio, balcony, or in your backyard. If you don’t have access to a space like that, maybe head to a park with a beautiful view. 
  • Invite friends! Some people refuse to drink alone, while others prefer to have their drink of choice without the company of others. I personally think it’s nice to have friends around when indulging in libations. Have a catch-up session with a friend or spend some quality time with a special someone. 
  • If you have a few people joining you, come up with 2-3 drink recipes and leave out recipe cards for your happy hour guests to serve themselves, sort of like a no-host bar. 
  • Set out snacks. Summer fruit, cheese, and crackers are a great place to start. 
  • Add some decorations. A vase with fresh blooms or a relaxing candle will do the job, but you can always go above and beyond and add more!
  • Throw on a good Spotify playlist on a portable speaker. Maybe play something you don’t usually play? Try a playlist like this one.
  • Put your phone away for the moment and grab a book or magazine to read, or simply enjoy your surroundings if your happy hour is a little casual and it’s pretty much just you around!

Is there anything special you would like to add to the list? I would love to know what you would do to upgrade your happy hour and take it to the next level. 


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