January Julep Maven Box

Well what a surprise! My January Julep box arrived earlier than expected, on NYE! My box reached me before the new year. Just another thing to top off 2012 as a great year.

This month’s theme is Getaway Glam/Escape & Unwind. All boxes featured neon and nude colors. This month, I went with the Boho Glam box (as per usual).

1. Twistbands—three colors: orange, hot pink, chartreuse. I’m a huge fan of twistbands and have made a bunch of them myself.

2. Polishes, all packed away in a nice, bright wrapper.

3. “Swatch Me” StickersJulep has started incorporating these stickers to help you organize your polishes better, by adding labels to the top that show the nail color. With these stickers, Julep also had to create new caps for their polishes in order to be able to apply polish to the swatch. Now, there is an outer cap and inner cap. What are your thoughts on these? I’m a little torn—I think Julep had good intentions especially for those of us who really need to organize our polishes (ahem) but now if I use the stickers, my polishes will look a little…tacky.

My box came with a Hand and Cuticle Stick, Teresa, and Fiona.

I know it’s a little strange that Julep decided to go with bright spring colors for the month of January when most of the country is right smack in the middle of winter, but I welcome the brights and exciting colors after seeing months of dark polishes everywhere.

Did you get a Julep Maven box this month? What do you think of the “Swatch Me” stickers? Would you use that to organize your own nail polish collection?

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