Julep Naughty or Nice Mystery Box!

Julep Naughty or Nice Mystery Box

I received my Julep Naughty or Nice mystery box during the holidays and actually got a ton of great stuff! This box was offered at $24.99 on Julep.com, promising $125+ value. I haven’t been buying many mystery boxes lately (as tempting as they are) just because I always hadn’t been too happy with what I’ve received in the past. Surely, I’ve gotten some great boxes but other have been duds. I took the risk this time since I had a 40% off coupon from taking my December Maven Box. I’d share the coupon with you all but it’s a one-time use coupon.

I’m so happy I took the risk! Here’s what I got in my box:

The total value of my box came up to $176 when counting all the nail polishes at a retail of $14. And I only paid about $15 since I had a coupon. Totally worth it! Did any of you get the mystery box? If so, what did you get?

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