Julep New Year’s Mystery Box

This month, I skipped the December Maven box. But every so often, Julep offers mystery boxes that contain Julep products (nail polishes, mascaras, hand creams, etc) worth up to a certain value, for a bargain.

Because of the holidays, Julep had been offering more mystery boxes than usual for gifting, but the box that caught my eye was the New Year’s Mystery Box. This $19.99 box is supposed to contain at least $100 worth of Julep products. This has been the best box they have offered so far, so I took it! Lucky me, this box arrived on Christmas Eve.

Here is what my box had: 

Julep Age Defying Hand Brightener (full-sized), silver glitter, Julep One-Step Polish Remover Pad (3x), Julep Age Defying Hand Brightener (2x), Julep nail polishes. My mystery box also came with a Julep bag (not pictured).

From left to right: Isla, Portia, Matte Top Coat, Mystery Glitter (no bottom label), and Hoch (Trina Turk Fall ’12).

If you also ordered a Julep New Year’s Mystery Box, let me know what you got!

2 thoughts on “Julep New Year’s Mystery Box

  1. I also got the remover pads and the brightening cream. i got brown mascara :( i really only wear black. then i got the mystery glitter, elieen (vintage white) Cindy (green glitter, Lauren (hot pink) and grey. oh and a nail file

    mine was box 3 though ive seen other box 3s and they were different so im not sure why they give them numbers lol

    1. Wow, that’s a great box! I totally would have loved a nail file or brown mascara in place of the silver glitter I got. Also, I had no clue that they numbered boxes! Do you know if Julep included numbers with the box or if it’s something that’s on the internet? I wonder what number my mystery box is :)

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