July Julep Maven Box


Happy July, everyone! Summer is in full swing, and my Julep Maven box for this month has arrived. Unlike last month, I was really tempted to get this month’s box. All of the colors in the California Collection looked amazing. I ended up sticking with the Boho Glam box this month and chose 2 add ons because I couldn’t help it.

From left to right: Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil, Green Tea Facial Blotting Sheets, Karen, Faye, Adele (top coat), and Tracy.

I just tried Tracy today, and it has the sea salt finish. What I like about it is that you don’t need a base color. You can throw on two layers of this polish and get full coverage. That’s great stuff right there.

Can’t wait to try the body oil. It’s supposed to be free of greasy residue, which I’d really really appreciate from any moisturizer, especially an oil.

Anyone else get their box this month?

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