Kreuzberg CA in San Luis Obispo, CA

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Right in the middle of downtown San Luis Obispo happens to be an amazing coffee shop by the name of Kreuzberg CA. Being the coffee (and coffee shop) lover that I am, my friends made quite an effort to get me here a few times over the weekend.

The vibe of this place is amazing. Sure, it tends to fall under “hipster” side of things but is still family friendly and caters to students. What I find interesting is that the place is a coffee shop during the day and at night it turns into a bar. HOW COOL IS THAT GUYS? Beer me up after I’ve had my latte.

The owners of the place were apparently web developers turned coffee shop owners, so the place really caters to startups and well, other web developers and techy folk.

Anyway, their coffee is delicious! So good, that I didn’t get to take a photo. Because I was too busy downing a the coffee. No, I’m not overhyping it. It’s that good. I’m cereal.

kreuzberg-machineIsn’t this machine beautiful? I think so. The beautiful machine that makes good coffee.


Who wouldn’t rock this pint glass? Poor but sexy! Well, I guess a “Rich but Ugly” person wouldn’t rock it. How literal.


My #1 favorite coffee. I’m so glad that Kreuzberg uses Verve. Verve Coffee Roasters is located in Santa Cruz, CA and they make the best coffee ever. I’m not joking. It’s good. I remember venturing to 41st St. just to get a latte from Verve. While Intelligensia coffee comes close, I personally still prefer Verve. But they both sh*t on Starbucks, and double sh*t on Peet’s. kreuzberg-chairs

The decor here is pretty cool. Here are ome cool chairs so you can hang out and talk. It’s got that basement/garage sale vibe that everyone’s going for these days. There are also a ton of books everywhere and if you look at the top right of the photo, that’s actually a room of its own in the front of the store.

There you have it! Kreuzberg CA. If you’re in SLO and you’re a coffee lover, you MUST visit. MUST. Or else you never truly loved coffee. No, I’m not being overdramatic.

Okay maybe a little.

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