Life Lately — December 5, 2016

It’s December! I think it’s safe to say that we are all full swing into holiday mode! Black Friday damage has been done, gifts have been purchased, plans are being made, and the Christmas tree has been decorated. Before I get totally caught up in the holidays, I have to share with you all more of the fun things that happened in November.


Blue Bottle Coffee in Berkeley:

Before heading to a The Big Game (Football: Cal vs. Stanford) on the rainiest day ever, we made a stop at the new Blue Bottle location in downtown Berkeley. The logo is nondescript on the storefront, and it actually looks a lot like an Apple store, especially with students lining the windows with their MacBooks and iPads. The store is very clean, and the baristas are nice and friendly. There is limited seating and their cafe is more suited for a quick coffee stop, but that works in a busy place like Berkeley.


To go with my latte, I ordered a liege waffle which was delicious and I highly recommend getting this sweet treat to go along with your coffee. There are also some toast options that are a little pricy and probably not too filling but hey, they’re available.


Gilmore Girls on Netflix:

On Thanksgiving, I FINALLY finished watching all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, just in time for A Year In The Life. I watched all four seasons the very next day instead of going out to do some Black Friday Shopping.  It was really nice to have something new to watch every day for about three months. And yes, I do feel a little sad now that there are no more new Gilmore Girls episodes for me to watch. Now that it’s finally over, I’m having trouble settling on a new show to watch, but I’m leaning towards watching Silicon Valley on HBO.

Black Friday:

Speaking of Black Friday–is it just me or were there just not as many good deals to score this time around? I just ended up doing a lot of shopping online, picking up quite a lot of workout gear.

I know it’s a busy time of year and I keep promising you all some posts but I really truly am hoping to write some good stuff for you and not just give you life updates.

Hope you are all having a great holiday season so far!



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