Life Lately — November 8, 2016

I know it looks fake but the sky today is surreal

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First things first, I promise to not talk about the election :)

Wow, I haven’t written a post for you all in a long time! And I can’t exactly pinpoint why, other than things have been generally more busy lately (grr). I hate saying that, but that’s the truth.

Halloween — Did you all have a great Halloween? It was a little less festive this year than it was last year for me, since not too many people around me dressed up. Anyway, I was Eleven from Stranger Things, like everyone and their mother. To my credit though, I knew I wanted to be Eleven way back in July! Anyway…did anyone else notice that most people who dressed as Eleven were men?


A Serene Hike Through the Woods — Bay Area residents are blessed with various amazing trails all throughout the region. Lucky us, Redwood Regional Park is less than a half hour away from where I live. On a nice morning, we hiked through beautiful, shady redwoods for a little over an hour. It was really nice going in November since it’s off-season and there are basically no crowds. After our hike (it was basically a long walk since the path was paved), we decided we earned a huge brunch. I ordered a Belgian waffle and scarfed it down in minutes.

The Wangs Vs. The World — I’ve been reading this book for the past 3 weeks. It’s a great story about a wealthy immigrant family that loses all their money, but I haven’t been getting much of a chance to read with some of the other things occurring in my life (like watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix). Anyway, consider reading it. If this sounds like a half-assed book review, it technically is, because I haven’t finished the book. All I can say is that I like it and it’s good and that I can recommend it to people without having finished it yet.

Knitting — I recently purchased a knitting kit from We Are Knitters andI’m currently in the middle of knitting my first blanket. I just knit while I watch Netflix and it goes by pretty quickly. I’m a little concerned that my blanket will be a little too small, but we shall see! Hopefully I’ll finish the blanket by the end of the month. We Are Knitters has a bunch of other kits you can choose from, and you can also purchase yarn by the skein. If you don’t know how to knit, they’ve got your back because they have a ton of video tutorials you can view for free and they also have a support team ready to answer your questions.

Bullet Journaling — I’ve officially filled up my first bullet journal! I just purchased a new “big girl” journal (AKA expensive notebook) since I know that bullet journaling is working for me. I’ve been accomplishing a lot more and I’ve been feeling more organized which is giving me better peace of mind. I’m definitely no bullet journaling pro just yet, but I’m definitely feeling comfortable with the whole shabang.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds — It’s pretty much mid to end of pumpkin season, but I thought I would share this easy recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds for you all that I put up last year. They really don’t take much effort to roast, and pumpkin seeds are actually really healthy. Roast a bunch and keep them in your pantry for a snack, or top your salads, oatmeals, smoothie bowls, and ice cream bowls with them. Whatever floats your boat.

That’s pretty much it! I feel like I always end my Life Lately posts with something like this, but I have posts waiting to be set up and published for you all! I just haven’t gotten around to it.

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