May Birchbox

May BirchboxMy May Birchbox is a total 180-degree turn from my April Birchbox. Well, maybe I feel that way because nothing really tops color-changing nail polish…or maybe I wasn’t in the best mood when I opened the box?

Possible excuses aside, even when I don’t consider the nail polish, this probably tops my list of least favorite boxes. Why least, do you ask?

Here is my thought process when opening the box:

Don’t really care for lip gloss. Seriously? A pen? I guess it does write well though.  Only 2 wet wipes? I got a whole pack that other time… I’ve never heard of this product. Is this supposed to be sunscreen? 

There. It must have been the pen that really threw me off. It’s purple though, which is nice!

What did you get in your Birchbox this month? I hope you were far more excited about yours than I am about mine!

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